Temporary improvement of steroids?

My neurologist ordered a three-day IV steroid course followed by oral treatment. I’m in a potential four months plus long relapse that ramped up with new symptoms a week ago. I’ve never used steroids before. The first infusion was yesterday. I was very surprised to already today notice several improvements - no internal vibrations, fewer cramps, easier to stand and walk. Is it possible that these improvements are temporary and just due to being high on steroids? I can hardly believe it and I am afraid to trust that they are “real.” Until now I haven’t had any “good” days - the symptoms have been there the whole time.

Thanks all


hi pella

i had iv steroids and felt great, felt strong and unstoppable.

then i had a massive episode of roid rage!

my temper went through the roof.

me and the family survived though!

for me the improvements were temporary but you are not me so good luck and i hope your improvements last.

carole x

Hi Pella

I’ve spent a lot of time telling people that steroids can work wonders, then the next time fail utterly.

In the last few weeks I’ve discovered that they can actually work flipping miracles. I’ve had oral steroids before and always thought they weren’t as good as IV. And yet held onto the belief that sometimes they are exactly what’s needed.

I’ve had a relapse (supposed to be SP, but you know, MS does what the hell it likes, when ever and to whomever it pleases) and very quickly realised it was a relapse, tested my wee, no infection, checked the use by date of the steroids I had and decided to take them. Then emailed my MS nurse to tell her what I’d done.

And halle-bloody-luiah, they didn’t just make my so called ’good’ leg start working again, and my left hand able to form a fist again (which had been badly affected very fast), they actually made my ‘bad’ leg start picking up a bit better too.

So yes, they can work amazingly well. And very quickly too. Believe in your improvement. It’s entirely likely to be trustworthy.

May it continue to do wondrous things.


My husband started some yesterday and today he feels better. Didnt seem possible that they could be responsible - but who knows?

I am so flipping fed up because my usual gp is on sabbatical and the nice young on call duty gp refused to give me steroids.

For me they are the difference between coping with a relapse and not coping.

I don’t have an ms nurse, haven’t seen a consultant in years and Troy along reasonably well with to support ( normally )

My helpful gp is back in November. !!!

Added to my relapse I have picked up a nasty chesty infection which may well also benefit from my usual steroid treatment.


Taking steroids when you already have an infection is a bad idea. The steroids will weaken your immune system, thus helping with the relapse. But making it harder for you to fight off the chest infection. This is why doctors and MS nurses ask whether you have an infection and usually test for a UTI.

So having a different GP working might have worked in your favour, for once.


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Oh thanks Sssue I stand corrected but previous to me remember a time when a particularly bad chest infection was treated with steroids so assumed they wouldn’t harm.

Seems so many different opinions ref steelies, even my usual to said no more than 2 times per year then later said no more than 4 only to revert back to 2 again… personally I know the reasons why the reluctance and would prefer to decide for myself if I want them .

Wouldn’t do for us all to be the same though would it.

The steroids ease a relapse, although the effects of the relapse end the same, but a bit quicker for you. Never had steroids prescribed just for a booster with m.s, as mine were only given once the neuro looked at me after she saw the relapse causing a problem, as your limited to a dose each 6 months. Felt better with them, but the relapse knocked me, so the usual feeling when you come round applied, so no side effects, but everyone’s different on them.