First relapse

Having my first relapse, lots of weird sensations. Have just had steroids but seems to have made no difference, if anything I am worse, is this normal?

How long ago did you have the steroids? They can sometimes take a little while to work, it’s often not instant & can make you feel worse before you feel better…perhaps you’re expecting things to change too quickly? Maybe ask your MS nurse…


Hi Rosina, had the steroids for 5 days finished Sunday. Nice of you to say it can get worse before getting better as that is how it feels. My Ms nurse is on holiday for another week and no one else to ask.

Today I feel better less tingly, face not so numb and balance feels better but I am not really moving around as don’t want to annoy anything!

Have you had experience with steroids ?

You could ring your neuros secretary perhaps, or your GP might be able to help.

Funny you should ask, but I’ve had steroids orally & IV, & each time they’ve done nothing to help. For some reason they don’t work on me…but I think I might not be the norm May be yours are slowly beginning to work now?


Hospital tried phoning my neurologist yesterday but too busy to talk, as I was really bad yesterday, passing out and so unsteady on my feet.

Shame yours didn’t help, but maybe mine are just starting too who knows!!

i suppose it’s just a waiting game, yawn, same old story never get the answers when you need them!