After steroids

i finished my steroids on Monday, and I am starting to feel better off the come down. I was achey, jittery generally unwell feeling. Now that seems to have settled I still have all the symptoms from the relapse. The MS hug is still there albeit not as tight at the moment (it seems to get worse on and off during the day), The pins and needles in my Left side are still there but slightly less intense, but the tightness in my Left leg is worse. It feels a heavy dead weight, and although I a still able to walk on it it is in no way improved post steroids.

So, my question is, Is this the way its going to be for ever now? Do you improve still after the steroids are out of your system? I suppose its how long is a piece of string question really, but any advice would help from all your experiences.


I was told they can carry on working for six months hun at my last relapse and I now do think that’s true. My left leg is still weaker than the other but its definitely better than it was in February. I relapsed end of November tpok steroids beginning of February. I would even say its improved a lot since April so just give them chance. My m.s nurse made me stay off two weeks after to ensure I didn’t overdo things. Fingers crossed this will be your case too xxx

Hi I took 5 day steroids end of June , 8 weeks into a really bad flare , after the initial instant feeling better I have slowly continued to improve and still am. So yes I think they keep working , just rest and give em time. Good luckGray

Hi Nette,

Even with steroids, I don’t think a relapse is going to clear up in a few days. I’ve never taken them myself, but although I have relatively few relapses, the ones I have had lasted months. I don’t think how you are just a few days later is indicative of how you’ll be “forever”, at all. I found improvements were extremely slow and subtle - even indetectable, at times, until I looked back and compared with when it first happened. Then it was obvious there had been progress, even though I wasn’t aware of it day-to-day.



Nette Sorry should have said , the initial feeling better was the steroids just giving me more get up and go,after that I thought nothing was happening but as Tina as said ( and did to me weeks ago ) it takes time , I’m 4 mths in to this relapse and still getting better ,albeit slower than I would like. But I’m a million miles from where I was and feeling far more positive Take care Gray xxxx

Hi Nette, I finished mine on August 10th and I’ve yet to notice any difference. I started taking mine 11 weeks into relapse, Neuro said they would take a few weeks to work if they were going to work at all. What was concerning is that my GP seemed to think they should have started working straightaway, completely different from neuro. I have to assume that the neuro knows better than my gp. I’m just hoping this relapse will finish soon as I’m just so fed up with feeling rubbish. I’m feeling more hopeful though having read some of these posts that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hope they do work for you.

Thanks guys. I suppose its something I will get used to eventually, that nothing gets better quick!

When I had double vision a couple of years ago it did take a good 6 months to improve but because it wasn’t ‘disabling’ like what I am having now, I just got on with it and didn’t have steroids.

I am just worried from a work point of view. I think I will ave another week off then see how feel to go back then.

Nette x

I would advise another week and make sure you rest too. I think (hope) you will find that things Improve some more in that time xxx