Can anyone please help?

Hi everyone I am new here need some advice/help please. I am a 33 year old female was diagnosed with RRMS last year July. I have suffered a relapse around the beginning of July my main symptoms being heavy weak arm, and dizziness, spoke to my MS nurse who got me in to be assessed and doctor confirmed relapse and put me on some strong steroids. Having taken my five day course of steroids i dont feel like i have fully returned to my ‘normal’ self and still am suffering from heavyness in my right arm and since today the same odd feeling in my right leg. I am feeling ever so tired and just generally feeling not right. Can someone please tell me if this is normal? Thanks Rehanna xx

Hello and welcome to the site.

You need to rest up… sadly there is no ‘quick fix’. Oral steroids are VILE… taking them alone makes you feel ill !

Just chill out and watch TV… easier said that done… You will get many replies… we will sort you out. Your normal feelings will return… but you MUST rest.

FD x

Hi Rehanna, as far as I know, steroids can sometimes take a while to kick in with good efffects. I had some via iv a long while ago and they didn`t help me, but I am sure you will get other replies who tell you good things.

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Hi Rehanna, and welcome to the site

Steroids can stay in our systems for weeks so it’s too early to tell if they aren’t going to have more of an effect or not yet. Even if they have stopped working, your body won’t have - in fact a lot of MSers find that their symptoms are still improving many months, even a year or more, after a relapse.

So try and be patient. I know it is very hard, but hopefully your body is working hard at getting better and you’ll feel the difference soon. In the meantime, be kind to yourself: rest, avoid stress, don’t overdo things, leave unimportant tasks undone (or delegate them!), etc.

I hope things get better soon.

Karen x


There are other treatments you could consider:-

LDN generally stops or reduces disease progression. Based on an out of patent drug so there is no profit motif to fund trials. 25 years experience by many doctors and patients , medical conferences probably the best sourse of information

Terry Walse seems to be getting some repeatability with her diet based treatments.

CCSVI treatment also seems to be giving good results for many - again involved in politics and unfortunatley needs to be repeated every now and then

All the best what ever you decide.

Thanks so much for all your replies.