Hi Everyone, Not posted for ages but do keep brownsing. I had 3 months off any symptoms saw my neuro said everything great so he said it was all probably a one off event (think he forgot about the optic neuritis last year!) sent me away for 6 months…10 days later wham bam everything back and worse…he was great saw me within a month and said I had relapsing myelitis (90% sure M.S but cant see multiple lesions on MRI) and set me off for a 3/7 course of steroids. Feeling much better not perfect but better. How long does the steroid effect last for and is it normal not to feel 100% better. it still feel like I have dipped my foot in scalding water and I have no exercise tolerance. Jerking is less but still there. I am now waiting for anLP as the MRI’s havent been conclusive enough. Just as a foot note …hot weather made my symptoms horrendous I am a sun worshipper so bahhh to feeling crap when its hot!!!

Much love everyone

sarah x

Im on steroids at the moment. Had ON for over 10 weeks in right eye, and 3 weeks in left eye. Only got put on steroids last Monday, but have noticed a massive improvement in left eye already, but right eyesight is still poor. I have noticed that the jerking/tremors/back spasms havent been as much since the steroids, but I still feel pretty poorly most of the time. Im with you being a sun worshipper, and cant believe I have been stuck indoors hiding from the sun :frowning: Paula x

I vaguely remember that steroids can be in your system for 6 weeks, but it might be longer. Some people get a quick improvement. It’s slower in others. For some (me included), they don’t tend to work. Same goes for symptoms: some symptoms seem to respond better to steroids than others.

Hopefully your remaining symptoms will continue to improve, but there is a chance that some will remain. There are some excellent meds available these days though, so make sure and ask for help with any symptom you’re left with that you’re struggling with.

Karen x