Hi everyone! I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS after getting symptoms of numbness in my legs and now in my right arm and hand. My neurologist gave me steroids (prednisolone 5mg) to hopefully ease the numbness i’m getting but i’m just wondering how long they take to kick in? I’m taking 6 tabs a day. I only started taking them a couple of days ago so i know its still early days but thought i might be starting to feel some improvement by now even if it is minimal. I’ve been given a weeks supply. Any experience or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi I had iv steriods and theu said I might not notice any improvement for a month. I am 3 weeks in and have days when things seem to improve but then go back. I don’t think there is a quick fix for the symptoms. I’m really new to this only being diagnosed 3 weeks ago. I don’t know if oral tablets are different. Hope others can advise

Thanks for your reply. I’m new to this too. Only found out my diagnosis on wednesday. Have loads of questions but so glad forums like this exist so we can all learn and help each other.

Hi Jen. They take a while to kick in as such.

I have had pred previously when my asthma has been bad/chest infections. I usually have to take 8 a day for 1 week. I don’t find they do much until the course is almost finished and really feel the benefits the week after.

I can’t compare it to MS symptoms, but I hope it helps



Thanks Angela. I’ve had the numbness in my right hand and arm for nearly 4 weeks so think i’m maybe expecting too much too soon from the steroids. Have hardly any feeling in my hand which is really a nuisance more than anything as i’m right handed so do everything with that hand so the sooner it goes the better! Thanks so much for your reply x


I found that the steroids took a while to work and never felt that I was improving, as it was so gradual, if that makes sense! It wasn’t until 3-4 weeks later that I realised my arm had actually improved. I was taking 500mg Methylprednisalone for 5 day. The neuro told me they would stay in my system and carry on working for 8 weeks.

Hope you see some improvement soon.

Fizzy x

Forgot to say that I think it would have helped me if I’d kept a diary of my symptoms. It might help to keep a log of how you’re feeling now, as it’s hard to remember how we felt, once we are feeling better. You will be able to see how you are improving then.

Fizzy x

Thanks fizzy. My fiance only said to me earlier today about keeping a diary so i will definately do that now you’ve recommended it too! :slight_smile: thanks so much for your advice x


Sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis and welcome to the club :slight_smile:

I’ve just had oral steroids (500mg a day for 5 days) for the first time. I had IV steroids 4 years ago when I had my last big relapse. I find that they help with mobility in a matter of days ie from barely able to walk (4 years ago) or being able to walk very slowly like a granny (this time) to a less stiff walking style but the numbness or tingling feeling can take several weeks/months to subside. I finished my oral steroids last Thursday and by Friday I was walking a bit easier. However my right foot still has constant pins and needles and is completely numb down the right side. My leg was numb up to the knee constantly so it has improved a bit, but it still gets severe pins and needles as soon as I walk more than 20 metres. There will be good days and bad days and every time I push myself that bit further as I recover, there will be a bit more numbness/tingling again. After the relapse 4 years ago, I was left with some pins and needles in my toes almost constantly. It affects differents toes each day and if I do too much walking my whole foot will be affected (it recovers when I rest) so life is never dull :slight_smile:

Steroids stay in your system for up to 3 months so they will be working all that time. As someone else suggested, it helps to keep a daily diary of your symptoms and you will be able to look back and see that you are improving. You will also be able to tell your neuro how you have progressed since the relapse and the treatment with steroids.

Tracey x

I just wanted to check that you’ve been given the right prescription: it should be much more than 30mg a day - the norm is either 500mg or 1000mg a day for 3 or 5 days for treating a relapse. Karen x

Hi karen. This is the first course of steroids i’ve had so not sure about dosages. I really hope its correct as i don’t want to be taking something thats not going to help. I’m waiting for an MS nurse to contact me to go through everyhing so i will definately double check that what i’ve beengiven is right. Does the strength you’re given depend on the severity of symptoms or doesn’t it work like that? Thanks x

If you are definitely taking 30mg a day, I would call the neuro’s secretary and check this is what he/she wanted me on, if I were you. Alternatively check with your GP. The normal dose for MS relapses requiring steroids is 500/1000mg for 3-5 days. I doubt that a low dose like 30mg would do very much at all, but I could be wrong - I’m not a medic. Kx

I was on the same steroid - oral prednisolone- for 3 weeks. 5 days 60mg/ 5 days 30 then 5 days 10. At first all I felt was ‘wired’ and couldn’t sleep. About 3/4 days after my final tablets I felt stronger and the damage to my hands seemed less. It has not helped with pins and needles or poition sense/ numbness but there is more strength overall. Hope this helps.

Thanks so much for all your replies. I will definately check that i’m on the right dose. From what you’ve said it doesn’t sound like i am which isn’t a great start to things!

You’ve all been really helpful. Thank you! X

Hi Jen,

I’m pretty sure Karen is right - don’t think 30mg a day is right for a relapse?!? I’ve just finished a course of IV steroids, 1000mg a day for three days and I think that or 500mg orally for 5 days are the standard regardless of how bad your relapse is (obviously the relapse needs to be bad enough to warrant steroids in the first place).

Low doses like 30mg are normally given for things like asthma - my daughter was given this dose when she was only 6 for an asthma attack and I was given 40mg a day last year for that too.

After starting writing this I checked the NICE guidelines for MS and it says that acute episodes should be treated with 500mg to 2000mg for 3 - 5 days, so I think a call to your GP or MS nurse might be a good idea.

Hope your feeling better soon!