steroid treatment

typing with one hand, excuse spelling mistakes)i’m new to all this and have recently been diagnosed.wirh ms.

im numb down the left hand side of my body.

im going into hospital to have steroid treatment next week. does anybody know how long it takes to feel better after the treatment? i have been like this for a month now and its getting me down.

Hi - I have just finished a course of 15 days oral steroids - very high then tapered down. At first I didn’t think it did any good, apart from affecting my sleep. I finished the course on Tuesday and I can honestly say that they have made a difference and I do feel stronger. I have problems with my hands and I can now grip a pen and write- although it is tricky. So, although i didn’t go into hospital, my experience has been generally positive, I just think you need to have a little patience. Hope all goes well for you.