Hello all. Happy new year. Hope the Christmas period has been relaxing and joyous. I thjnk i have over done fhe sugar, normally on the best bet diet, but some chocolates, alcohol and other such things have leapt in to mg diet. Resulting in probable thrush. Now i know if you have a suspected uti they say go and see gp as it can cause a relapse is this the same for thrush? I got over the counter creams. Is that all gp would perscribe? also is cystitis the same as uti or something different ( if any one happens to know)

Thank you people and happy 2015

Happy New Year! I’d see my GP if I was you, he may prescribe you antibiotics to clear things quickly. A uti, thrush or cystitis can all affect your MS, so better to get them cleared up quickly.

Rosina x

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i agree with rosina

see your gp at once! or as soon as possible.

UTIs definitely cause relapses.

carole x



I have always been a slave to thrush - getting it several times a year. My GP told me that “some women are just prone to it” and “not to worry as it won’t cause a relapse”.

I can’t get the Canestan pessaries on prescription any more (the NHS won’t provide then), but I have been prescribed oral Fluconazole capsules which keeps it at bay for several months.

I don’t think antibiotics will help as its a fungal infection, not bacterial or viral.

Just one more thing we have to put up with!

Emma x

Thanx for the replys, typically after posting i lost internet for a couple of days! i think i will leave it until monday to make an apt. i know it sounds silly but im not good at drs, even, say, for a rash on the hand, let alone getting my bits out! but i have a feeling i may have to go!Doh!