incident in london

the news was horrific. a man stood in the street with his hands covered in blood and holding a meat cleaver and a knife.

really scary stuff.

i hope that communities wont be ripped apart.

carole x

I hope so too. Such a terrible thing to happen x

It is horrific Terrorism is so mindless, it causes hate, fear and causes so much damage. I had to switch over from the news this evening as I felt like crying.

Sonia x

Whole thing is totally sickening, poor poor man and his family.

its disgusting, why why? cant walk the street in your own country!!!

i hope comunitys arnt ripped apart but i do hope that this govenment wake up and smell the coffee. this is a sickening barbaric act and british people are on the edge. ill be very supprised if there isnt any rioting through this!

they didnt just destroy a life, they tried to destroy our wonderful multi cultural communities.

i’ve always supported help for heroes but now i want a t shirt!

That’s where I am pigpen…I want a tshirt too !!!

I have just been talking to my cleaner, who is a Muslim, about it.

He is completely shocked of course and frightened of what the backlash will be against the Muslim communities.

Poor bloke. Him and his wife are just ordinary people, working very hard, putting off having a family until they can afford it. Shocked and frightened by what these absolutely awful ‘fundamentalists’ do in the name of Islam.

Please remember that my cleaner represents the vast majority of Muslims.

This disgusting, terrible crime was commited by 2 people… not by a community and not by a religion.

Pat x

Not all Muslims are terrorists; but all terrorists are Muslim; yeh right!

When are people with faith; any faith going to realize they believe in writings’ made by a fallible human beings’.

Welcome to the new World!!!


As soon as the perpetrators identities and possible motives were known, the fascist political parties rushed in the whip up hatred and incite further violence.

There was violence in the streets of some of our towns and cities last night whilst racism and Islamophobic hatred was perpetrated online.

I don’t know what the answer is, my Muslim friends and neighbours are as shocked and horrified as I am by this appalling, barbaric and savage attack on a serving soldier. They are as opposed to the sickening, violent Jihadist ideology as are all clear thinking people.

The answer is certainly not to whip up hated against all Muslims, the answer is not to buy into the fascist rhetoric that we will undoubtedly be subject to over the coming days.

There is no place for hate in our society. We cannot win this battle if, just as we oppose the vile and aggressive Jihadist doctrine, we embrace, and allow our media to embrace, fascism and racism on our own streets.

We must come together as a nation and oppose all forms of terrorism and extremism.

My deepest condolences to the families of the victims of this abhorrent and brutal act.

The thinking persons Mayor of London struck the right tone.

Yep, and I’m sure Ken wouldn’t mind me posting a soundchunk here:

There will be those who will seek to scapegoat entire communities for this barbaric act.

This is what terrorists want, and rely on. For people to feel fear, to turn on each other and to bring down the very essence of London, the most successful melting pot in the history of the world and the city of the free.

Already, violent fascists have taken to the streets in Woolwich, adding insult to the injury that community is feeling. Already there have been reprisal attacks against mosques. We must not let this violent minority exploit this crime for their own hateful gains.

Hear hear.

Lolli xx

Hi all I know times are hard but if you can please do. Xx

Many innocent ppl of all races will face backlash for things that have nothing to do with them. It is wrong. I gre up on a council estate when the national front was big in the uk and while i was not the best as a youngster, i did grow to learn not all ppl are the same. Education is the key. Only a small minority ruin it for rest

i agree with the sheriff, education is the key.

ignorance causes a lot of grief.

three women knelt beside the soldiers body and prayed. how brave.

carole x

I couldn’t believe the amount of hatred and racism that was openly displayed on Facebook and Twitter following the sickening attack. It seems that some people have learnt nothing from history and it is very worrying. How can they blame all Muslims for the actions of two very twisted individuals? True Muslims do not kill. Some individuals on Facebook also have very short memories for some of them were saying that Christians would never commit such acts of violence … I can only hope that common sense will prevail and that communities will come together again.

My son is an ambassador for the Holocaust Education Trust following a visit to Auschwitz last year and it really upsets him every time he sees any kind of discrimination or hate crime - education really is the key but it appears that some people just do not want to listen. I think he did get his message across to our high school students but we don’t really have much of a mixed race population here so it’s hard to know. Perhaps if everyone had to witness what happens when things go too far they would realise?

Tracey x

Terrible, shocking incident but evil people will do evil things - over here in Northern Ireland we have had our fair share of terrible incidents and we never seem to learn - deepest sympathy to his family…

Something good is happening out of this tragedy…I got an email from a friend yesterday afternoon with a link to a Just Giving page raising money for Help the Heroes in this young soldiers memory. It’s called Woolwich soldier. When I got it the total raised was £11,000 in four hours. I watched it rapidly increasing. By the time I went to bed it stood at £45,000 and this morning at £60,000. Incredible legacy and I am proud to have played a part.