Another sad, sad day

I am hoping everyone is safe & as well as they can be this morning. I apologise this is a thread that I have been compelled to write. I am so, so sad to wake up to the news we all will have heard this morning. I just feel so devastated at the fact that children have been targeted in this barbaric & mindless act. I feel so lucky that I can hug my children & Grandchildren this morning & know where they are. As a nation, we will all be in shock & total disbelief that children have died & people injured. To anyone that has been affected I can only send my love in this horrible, horrible time. As the pop star said, there is really no words to describe this heinous, mindless destruction. God Bless everyone & thoughts are with all those affected. Tracey xxx


I can only echo your sentiments. Such a senseless waste of life.

Totally agree. Awful, awful, awful news.

But remember, Tracey, YOU do not have to apologise for your post - never apologise for empathy. It’s just tragic that you have to post something like this in the first place.

Absolutely shocking news. I think the country as a whole are in mourning for the loss of life and terrible injuries suffered by children and adults, caused by this callous act.

Sue x

It is so very sad. My son hasn’t gone into college today (its in Manchester) and we’ve been watching it on the news. An attack is horrific in any context but at a concert with so many children and teenager fans is particulaly heartbreaking.

Sad tragic news from Manchester - we know in Northern Ireland, only too well, the devastation caused by evil people - thoughts with the bereaved and injured.

my best wishes too, to all affected.

This truly is a sad day.


manchester is such a lively city.

my youngest son goes to many gigs there, but not at the arena, he prefers bands that are NOT mainstream.

so smaller venues.

i bought tickets to see roger waters there for my husband’s 60th.

heartbreaking scenes on the news.

Atrocious!! Held my little girl tighter this morning. What a world we live in! So proud of the examples of humanity that have come out of this sheer inhumanity. xx