Horrible Morning

Feeling very down right now after a horrible morning. Received a phone call to say my brother in law had died at 10.15am followed by another phone call at 11am from our eldest son to say that he and his wife are separating. We wereall supposed to be going out for a family meal tonight to celebrate my husband’s birthday today but will now be going to London to support my sister and my nephew and niece.

((((((()))))) 's from me. Catherine Xx

Oh no, this is terrible for you. Was it sudden for your sisters hubby or was he poorly? Either way, its awful. You be careful, hun, as I know you`re not over your spc op yet.

And the sad news from your son is a double blow to upset you.

I dunno.

Look after yourself.

lots and lots of luv, Pollyxxx

Why does life always dole out filtered word in double doses?


Tracey x

This is terrible. I am so sorry.

It is so bad that I really don’t know what to say to help. Just that I really feel for you on both counts and send you my best wishes. ((((Hugs))))

Shazzie xx

Thinking of you, look after yourself as much as you can, we are all here for you.

Laura xx

Sending (((((hugs))))) such sad, horrible news. Take care Sara xx

So sad, I’m lost for words…

Take care hugs

Sonia x

Thank you to all you lovely people for all your kind messages. It really does mean a lot. Anne x

There’s not much I can say but take care, have a safe journey and I wish you all well.

Min x

That’s awful. I don’t know what to say as words are not enough.

Oh Anne I’m so sorry to hear the news of your brother in law. How terribly sad for you all. He is at peace now…my thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Linda x