In a pickle, gonna be a rough day

What a pickle I’m in today. I’ve run out of my Amitryptelene ( the drs forgot to ‘up’ my prescription when dose increased), I forgot to make the call to increase it, and to put prescription in a bit earlier, so last day or so I’ve been on reduced dose of it till the prescription is ready to be picked up. Well, now it muscle spasms and all the rest in glorious HD :s Amitryptelene is great at reducing my muscle spasms, the odd side effect but nothing I can’t handle, and I realise how good it is when. I run out lol.

i haven’t got the oomph to phone and speak to the receptionists and sort it, they aren’t the brightest of the bunch, and I couldn’t drive there if I wanted to :s bah!

right, moan over :slight_smile: xx

Do you use the same Chemist for all your prescriptions? They may advance you some, it’s worth ringing to ask.

Hope you get sorted soon.

Jan x

Thanks, nope, I’m afraid they won’t. They’re unable to operate like that, daft I know but they are very rigid. My own fault for not sorting it :s xx

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Oh dear, poor you.

But sympathy isn’t what you need: what you need is Amitryptyline - please pick up that phone, Beverley! The dim-witted receptionists can only give you a headache, and that is surely a worthwhile price to pay for the chance of relief from the other stuff.

Good luck.


p.s. I hope you don’t end up with unrelieved spasms AND a receptionist-induced headache…

Yay! The cavalry (husband and his ‘fear of God’ qualities) sorted now back on my pills. I tell you what, I forgot how bad those spasms get! They’re awful. Thanked goodness I’ve got the pills again, nip it in the bud :wink: xx

Hi, so glad I found this site. Feel like I’m always in burdening far too much info on everyone, and no one can help or really understand. Ii was diagnosed officially about a month ago and I don’t thinks I’ve properly accepted it. I used to be on amitryptyline, until a chemist realised I shouldn’t take it with citalopram! Tried baclofen, awful, now trying to sort dosage of gabapentin. When I need paracetamol and ibuprofen to get through the day and night, I up the dose! Can’t remember what it feels like to not hurt, ache and feel prickly all the time. Left arms always tingly numb but it’s more throbbing these past weeks, left leg tingly and right calfs started to feel like it’s about to cramp constantly. Neck muscles always about to crick and lower (mainly left) back/ hip is constantly hurting and pulling. Also getting horrible headaches although these have dipped off( thank goodness). Is this a relapse or is this how it is and I just have to suck it up?!Had an MRI in June which showed extra areas of inflammation and that it was active, but just feel like things have been adding up since then. Sometimes I question whether it’s me making myself walk and move slowly ( carefully) like its a learnt thing, because if I go my usual speed, something will go wrong, should I just force myself to speed up?, but will I then fatigue myself? Can’t get my head around this at all!

Thankyou for being here and letting me share my muddled thoughts.

Thankyou for reading my message and replying. I didn’t think anyone would find it, as I’m new to this and meant to start a new thread, not add on to the end of Bev’s post. You have made my day. Can’t believe how much better writing stuff down and sharing it with others who truly understand has made me feel. I did feel a bit lost, and didn’t know what to do about it. I was also holding out from connecting with others with MS. This has definately been my’happy me’ thing for the day !


Hi FWiggle, so pleased you’ve found this site, there’s masses of info for you & it’s a really good place to have a rant as we all understand! Take your time adapting to your MS, it’s a huge shock if you’ve only recently been dx. I can only echo everything that Jen’s said…have lots of rest & be good to yourself! If you have an MS Nurse, she’ll be worth her weight in gold!


Thanks for the support Rosina. I’m due to see my MS nurse in a couple of weeks. I’m really looking forward to it Hopefully she can give me a bit of clarity and direction!


Hi there,

I take Escitalopram and Amitriptyline. I haven’t had any problems with either. Perhaps the pharmacist was confused with the use and dosage for depression?

The dose of Amitriptyline for pain starts at 10mg. The dose for depression is at least 150mg or more. Nearly all the information printed on the packet is for the high dose, although there is now some information on the dosage for pain relief.

Maybe it’s a good idea to consult your GP again (or the pharmacist)?

I know which drug I couldn’t manage without and it’s 50mg of amitriptyline. My pain is unbearable without it.

I hope you get some help and answers,

best wishes,