Cry (Scream) For Help! Warning - Pathetic Wuss

OK, so posted yesterday about being told to stop amitriptyline (for pain) immediately due to a bad liver reaction.

2 1/2 days since last tablets. Am climbing walls in pain. Everything everywhere hurts really bad. Can't get out of bed. Buzzing and twitching overdrive all day and now I'm getting a bad migraine.

Have been trying to distract myself on internet but hurts to type. Light and noise from TV makes me want to scream so that's out. OH has gone out and frankly it's probably safer for him, although he did fetch me paracetemol, codeine and ice packs before he left.angel

Just don't know what else to do. Am beside myself. Forgot how bad things were without the amitryptiline. Not seeing rheumy until Monday night.

Anybody got any ideas? What do you do when it gets this bad? Please somebody come round and knock me out with a big heavy frying pan.

Aaaargggghhhh....sob sob... *@%?!$ !!!

Cx crying3



So sorry to hear you are in so much pain, and no you're not a wuss. The only suggestion I've got is ring your rheumy's sec' and ask her to have a word with him/her

due to the amount of pain you are suffering and ask if there is something he/she can advise or prescribe before Monday.



I really would not put up with this until Monday.

Ring and get some help from your rheumy tomorrow. 



Thanks all.

Must have eventually fallen asleep at about 4am, thank goodness. I woke up this morning thinking I'd wet myself (know this happens to others but haven't had this problem) then remembered that OH had taken all the ice pack bags off me as they started melting last night, but realised he had missed one under the duvet! My mind had gone into overdrive because the amitriptyline had stopped me needing to get up 10+ times each night to wee. Thought stopping it so abruptly had opened the floodgates so to speak. Now realise how lucky I am compared to others who struggle daily with much worse bladder issues than me. Need to get over myself! blush


Left a message for rheumy's sec to call me, so fingers crossed. She's not usually the quickest with her responses but I probably sounded pretty desperate at about midnight last night! Hope they don't think I'm just some sort of crazy meds junky.

Not sure he will do anything as I'm still waiting for the 'urgent' scan of my liver and gallbladder that he wanted them to do on Wednesday so that he'd have the results by the time he saw me this Monday evening. He is concerned cos my liver ALT test has jumped from normal (under 45) to over 400 in a matter of weeks and I've had various blood rashes that don't disappear under a glass and worse than ever migraines. He may not be hapy to give me anything else prescription wise yet until he knows if the amitryptiline has caused liver damage.

GP has washed her hands of me and just refers me to my 'specialist'. Think she is worried as she prescribed the ami 'off list' for pain (rather than as an anti-depressant) and if anything untoward happens she therfore has to explain herself. I don't hold her accountable at all though, she was only trying to help me deal with the pain.

Right, I'm waffling on and on now, sorry.

Thanks again for all your kind words. Sometimes it really helps just to be heard.

Have a good day everyone!