Run out of solifenacin :(

Good morning all. My husband, being a helpful sort of chap has taken it upon himself to give me my meds morning and night when he takes his own, it works well enough and he usually tells me when I seven days left so that I can order my repeat prescription. He keeps them on a shelf with his, which I’d have a struggle to reach. It usually works. I have 50mg Amitriptylene at night and one solifenacin (for my over active bladder) in the morning. This morning he gave me the tablet and water, then announces, “oh bugger, it’s the last one!” It not being life threatening there’s sod all I can do about this on a Saturday other than ring the repeat prescription line, leave the details along with a grovelling apology and a plea to let me have the prescription in less than the two or three working days it usually takes. Fingers crossed! If only I could cross my legs too!

Yes, I know it’s my own fault. I’m 58 years old and big enough and ugly enough to sort my own meds, so now I will, or maybe so as not to offend the much better half I’ll put a note in my diary when I need to reorder. In the meantime I’m looking at the prospect of Sunday, Monday and possibly Tuesday, Wednesday without the solifenacin, but with plenty of visits to the loo - extra exercise I suppose, who needs a gym?!

Hello flowerpot. Ring 111-the non emergency number. Explain your situation and I’m sure a local gp will prescribe a prescription for you. I don’t see why you should be in discomfort. Take care x


If you always use the same chemist, they will let you have enough to tide you over to the next prescription…

Pam x

Thank you both, we are going to try the chemist. X

I think it must take a little time to work out of your system because I ran out once too and didn’t suffer an immediate rush to the loo. I stayed close to home but I was pleasantly surprised not to suffer to badly.

i hope you are successful with the chemist, once when my mum ran out at the weekend they gave us 5 tablets to tide her over until the prescription came


Hi Flowerpot, I had to smile reading your post, my husband is just the same! A similar thing happened to me as well ( Mr Efficient not being as efficient as he thinks he is!) Our chemist knows me well so gave me enough to tide me over, hope yours helps you

Rosina x

Thank you all, glad I’m not the only one! My husband visited our regular chemist who gave us seven tablets to see me over, so I don’t have to send my better half to the naughty step!

That is reassuring, Wendels. I have only been on solifenacin about 3 weeks and in the first week I forgot to take it one day. I didn’t half notice the difference over the 24 hours of the missed dose!

Your comments give me hope that if I forget the occasional dose in future, I won’t notice it as much.