So pleased...

Only a small victory, but I’ve just dispensed with (pardon the pun) the dreaded Boots!

Just had a telephone consultation with my doctor. She’s given me the green light to experiment with my Baclofen, so is prescribing larger quantities to let me do that. She’s also switched a couple of prescriptions that weren’t working out right.

And she recommended a local chemist who might deliver (she didn’t know for sure). Rang them straight afterwards, and they confirmed they do, and that you don’t have to be housebound. They will pick up the 'scrips today, and deliver tomorrow!

I’d better not speak too soon, as I haven’t seen what happens yet, but so far they seem much more together than Boots, who seem to need a fortnight’s notice for anything. I can’t believe I just rang, and they said: “Yes, we can do it, and we’ll bring it tomorrow!” :slight_smile:


Hi T

I am pleased for you. We have a small chemist inside our local co-op who pick up scripts and deliver, they are really helpful.

Perhaps the smaller outlets could teach the large groups a thing or two.


Thanks Pam,

I know it sounds silly, but I’m really looking forward to “upping” my Baclofen, as well. It’s sad that I need to, but I think I’ve been trying to make do on too little for quite some time now.

I’ve only been prescribed 28 days’ worth at a time, at three a day, which meant I had no room to experiment with taking an extra tablet, as I would run out really quickly.

My doc has now prescribed 250 tabs at once, which means I’ve got plenty of leeway to try taking some more, without being scared I’ll run out.

I’m going to try introducing an afternoon dose, because my feet and ankles are getting really stiff by teatime, and I think waiting 'til bedtime for my next dose is leaving it too long.

Maybe tomorrow, at this time, I will not have poor hurting ankles! Wouldn’t that be great?


Hi Tina, sounds like the new pharmacy will be good. Hope it works out ok for you. Good luck too with increasing your baclofen. Cheryl:)

I hope it goes well for you Tina. You know your own body and a bit of tweeking here and there may make all the difference. Good Luck xx Maria.

Thanks Maria!

I’m starting to get a bit anxious now. Gone half-past-two, and still no van outside. Are my meds coming today? I was a bit surprised they said they could be here by today, but they seemed confident, so I was optimistic.

I am OK, as I still have enough to get by, if they don’t turn up. But my GP has made a note in the book not to accept orders from Boots any more, so I can’t just go back to them and carry on as before, if the new place turns out to be the same or worse.

I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, as it’s still a good couple of hours 'til closing time; something may yet turn up.

I’m watching for vehicles all the time now. A white van with green livery just pulled up, which I thought was quite likely to be a pharmacy van, but no, it was double-glazing or something: nothing for me. :frowning:



Thanks Stanley - still no show. :frowning:

I’m on the same dose as you, but one in the morning and two at night. I’m starting to find the stretch between doses too long, as I’m already stiff and crampy in the early evening - at least five hours before the bedtime dose is due.

So I want to introduce an afternoon dose, and see if that helps. I’ll start off with one, and if necessary take it to two.

I’m surprised you’ve found one pill has made a difference - I’ll be careful. :wink:

Thanks again,


Mixed news…

Meds have turned up - in an ordinary car, no markings (a bit more discreet, I suppose). Polite & smiley driver.

I’ve got everything I need. BUT, they don’t seem to be completely correct. I was prescribed 250 Baclofen (I used to get just 84), so I could go a lot longer before having to reorder.

BUT, in the package, there are only 84, as always - but the label reads: “84 (of 250)” So by my reckoning, I’m 166 short. Obviously, it’s not an emergency, as I won’t need the rest for a while, but the whole point was that I wouldn’t need to order again in just days…

I’m starting to wonder if it’s me, because I seem to have so many problems with such a simple thing. I wonder if I’m not making myself understood, or not understanding what other people have said to me, or what.

Hi Tina Well, it’s good that they delivered something, at least they did as they said they would, but as for the 166 you are short, do you think it is possible they may deliver them later on, but, if that was the case, you would have thought they would have said. Poor you, you seem to have problems with this, as you say it should be such a simple thing. But, is it you, well, you have explained the situation on here quite clearly to us, I understand so I can’t see how you couldn’t explain it to someone else so I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. I think you must just be unlucky! Cheryl:)

Thats great Tina. Ill keep my fingers crossed for you, that it works out well.

Yes, I was also told to find my own dose of baclofen which works for me. But even so, do take care with the larger doses, eh?

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll,

So far, I have never had the problems with it you have experienced, but I suppose I’m not on a very high dose…yet.

I’m just about to take one now, with a cup of coffee. My legs and feet are already very stiff today (from shopping!) So I definitely feel as if I’m doing the right thing to take one now, and not wait all the way 'til bedtime.

I’ve been feeling this way for a while; that although they work, the interval is too long between doses. I’ve been feeling pretty miserable in the afternoons, because my poor feet are so bad. So I’m really optimistic that the extra dose will mean I get relief for longer.

Gosh, it has really come to something when I’m excited about taking an extra pill, hasn’t it? I sound like a junkie!




So pleased you are not still having to put up with Boots chemists - they certainly messed you about. Our local pharmacy is joined onto the

medical centre. And they will also deliver - and you do not need to be house-bound. When l order a repeat prescription on-line - l have to tick if l want to collect from surgery/pharmacy/ or have delivered. Hope you improve with your baclofen. lt did not suit me - made me very weak and wobbly - on a low dose. lf you haven’t received all of your items - then you should have a ‘ticket’ saying that - and they will deliver them when they get them in.

Another thing our pharmacy do is - they double up on items just before christmas so that you do not run out over the festivities. Last winter, with the bad weather, this was a great help.