I'm shocked!!

Does anyone know How I go about reporting somebody? Just received a message off someone who says they are a “food safety advisor” charging £43/£55 to give advice. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has received this message. Totally shocked that someone would use a charity forum to try & get business & at expensive rates!!

Hi Minnie Mouse

Will pm you.

Cherry x

I messaged Steph yesterday.

Jan x

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Good morning. The webteam will have plenty of messages about this person when they get to work tomorrow! I have blocked this user from posting but if you get anything else that worries you, please let us know.

Val [Moderator]


I got this message too. Passed the details on to Steph


I copied and pasted the email and sent it to Stuart - admin. Hope this was the right thing to do. I did it before I saw this post

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Hi, I just received a message from this guy too at 6.35 this morning.

Not too happy at people using this site to drum up business.


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Mine was about 6 am this morning as well. Looks like he’s targeted a lot of people. He’s only been on the site 2 days, at least with the account he has used.

I was going to vent my spleen on them in a reply message but decided to just block them…it’s Sunday

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I replied, but short & sweet. Told them they shouldn’t be putting their business on here & that it’s wrong on so many levels. Then I blocked them :slight_smile:

Your sweeter than me min


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I had just woken up, was too early for an argument lol

Blossom I nearly just reported your post, the reply button shouldn’t be next to the report post button. Oops, that was a close one. Lol

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Quite agree with you on that one Minnie, nearly done that on quite a few occasions, lol, especially when people have clutsy hands (says she who dropped a can of coke, unopened, on the floor and has just spent 20 min clearing it up - double lol)

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That’s funny, sorry lol. That would be something that I would do lol :slight_smile:

Good job I can laugh & take the pi** out of myself

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i received the same message but it came under the name of someone else, someone who seems a decent sort.

i’ll report it to stuart

carole x

The message did read as it was genuine, it was the price it was stupidly high. For £43 for 90 mins I’d want more than a recipe book lol

Nothing in the ‘my messages’ box on this site.

However in my hotmail e-mails is a message from keesgod. It starts off – ‘Dear stenvki …log on to your account to read the message.’

The worrying thing is I changed my username about 18 months ago and have not logged using this name during the last 18 months - indeed I can’t log on as I can’t remember the password I used then.

I’m assuming the message from keesgod which I can’t open is the same message that was sent to the original poster.

The question is how can someone access my details from 18 months ago?

This is NOT a case of someone selecting various user names and sending a message - it looks to me as if some serious hacking has/is going on.