scammer warning

Allo all.

I had a pm today from someone called keys good.

He tells me he is a food safety person and a counselor to help people overcome ms!!!

I can avail myself of his services by phone or a personal visit to his office at so much an hour!!!

The cheek! The gall! Coming on here and doing this!

I have reported him to Stewart.

Daftest thing is, if he’d looked at my profile, or knew owt about me, he’d know I don’t have ms, eh?

Hope no one falls for this scammer!


Good for you. I just sent him a msg. Telling him what he could do with his phone call. People like that make me sick. Preying on the vulnerable. Please let’s hope no one is desperate enough to fall for it. And waist money they haven’t got to waist.

Slimy worm, int’ he?


He sent me a message. I just deleted and blocked the idiot x

I to have had 2 messages also, how are they getting our details, can he be blocked

What’s the big conspiracy theory? Anybody can click on your username, and send you a private message. What other “details” do they need?

Yes, they can be blocked. Go to the message they sent you, or click on their username, and click: “block”.

But it shouldn’t be necessary, since mods have already blocked that user from posting/messaging.

But it wouldn’t stop them signing up in a new name and messaging people again.

It’s just a spammer - and a persistent one - but they don’t have any confidential details about you. Unless you count being able able to send you a PM - which any member can do - as a confidential detail.

I had a message from him, and somehow he sent a similar message to another member using my details, cheeky blender…

That was supposed to be bleeder but it was autocorrected…

Try not to let this idiot upset you anymore, fluff…ain’t worth a light!