i am not a scammer, please believe me!

Dear all,

Just in case anyone receives a message from me relating to the Michael Keyes scam, rest assured I haven’t sent it. I can only presume that he has hacked into my account.

I only say this as I got a message from a fellow poster (who I am friendly with) on here who was understandably upset as she thought I was scamming her.

If anyone does get a message from ‘me’ trying to sell you anything please tell me

Cheers fluffyollie xx

Hi fo

I got one from keyesgood. Didn’t reply initially, then after reading he’d pestered a few people, called him a dickhead and told him to get a life then blocked him.

I will pm you if I get one in your name…I know you wouldn’t send that type of message


Hi fluffy, my message was from the same as polar bear, the keyesgood bloke

Hi fo,

I believe you, if I do receive one from someone pretending to be you I will let you know. If I receive one from ‘Mr Keyes’

the same best wishes will be sent as one of the previous posters sent.

Cherry x

Hi fluffyollie,

Thank you for posting this. Could you or your fellow poster please private message me exactly the message they were sent from Michael Keyes? I’ll PM you now.