Spam user

Hi all,

We seem to have a ’bot user’ spamming some of our forum users’ private messages. We are dealing with them now. Please bear with us.

Apologies for any inconvenience, please ignore any private messages from this user and do not send them an email. The spam email begins with ‘Hello My dear’.

Many thanks,

Steph (Admin)

I have just received a message from this person. Having only just joined this forum again, and not even posted yet. It had me worried.


Yes I got a message too.

The spelling is horrendous so not even a good spam attempt.

Been deleted.

Oops - should have read this before I posted! Having major problems with tinternet here, and struggling to get online. Apparently it’s a countrywide problem with BT!

me too. tried to forward to ‘admin’ but it wouldn’t let me forward as it didn’t recognise ‘admin’. who shall i forward to if it happens in future?

Same here. Wish i had read the forum before the PM.

I copied this to Val. Then I blocked the sender.


Hi fluffyollie,

If you ever need to private message admins, it’s Stewart - Admin and Steph - Admin (me) and of course Val.

Many thanks,


Hi all,

Just wanted to reassure you this user does not have access to your personal emails.

This user will be deleted, so you shouldn’t hear from them again, but please feel free to block the user and delete the email from your inbox if you feel you want to.

Many thanks,

Steph (Admin)