Sorry to be a pain but I think the earlier spammer is back but changed names.

I’ve had to new emails.

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I’ve had 6 emails from the same person asking to be friends and giving a personal email address to respond to.

I’ve blocked them but see they are active now.

Click on messages then click on the box next to the message then block.

I had one this morning

I have messaged one of the admins. They are aware and have now blocked them. Sgaron

I’ve had two private messages on my home page from a person who appears to be the same as the above. I’ve both blocked and deleted them. I hope admin will fix this, it’s most disconcerting.


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I’ve just got a further 3 messages with the same words but a slightly different name, so I am concerned that we’re about to get spammed to death.

Not been on or posted for a while but have received same message. “I am interested in your profile” I don’t even have a profile - blocked!!

Thank you for flagging. Our Web Team are investigating. It’s safe to assume that a majority of members are being messaged, and as I mentioned in the previous thread, please disregard the message and block the user(s).

Yep, me too - got 2 messages from the same person, and have blocked them, although I see that it says that their account has been closed.

It must be ages since I’ve logged in here, so just to say that I too have received one from this Avril person ( approx 1.30pm )

Had 8 messages - not accessed them!

Had 8 messages - not accessed them!

I only had one message. Ignored that (as she’d said she was interested because of my profile - and there’s nothing on my profile). I feel a bit left out that she gave up after only one message.

I’ve just got another one under a different name avry02, blocked !!! I have no profile either!

I got one from avry02 as well ( in addition to the two I’ve already had) - deleted and blocked.

I don’t have a profile either.

Is someone trying to prank us?!?


Me too!

I’ve had four and I’ve just replied to the last one telling them where to get off! Not using the given email address of course.

Me too, 3 messages and like others I don’t have a profile. deleted and blocked. Wonder what user name they will use next. Thanks admin for blocking at your end. Ell

Another three today.