Suspected Scam Communication

Dear Admin or IT dept, i received this request, i think its a scam so I have blocked it. Please advise users not to be seduced into these things. Thanks Bill.


I;ve received the following request:

I received the same email, luckily I had the sense not to reply but check on this forum.

yes me too i just blocked.

Me too - I received it 3 times.

ditto, x2

Received the same. Blocked

I feel left out now lol my ms buddy has had the same message

I had it too. I blocked it.

Shazzie x

I received this twice, like the rest had the sense to block, honestly they’ll stop at nothing, if they want anything from me, take the MS, you can have it gladly. x

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There’s another thread on here about this very same thing. I believe Admin is on to it.


coincidentally the name on the message looked very much like the name of an old friend ‘Ave*** Har*****’ and I thought it was from her ! (I didn’t open any of the messages)

I blocked yesterday he/she is back today with a slightly different name!


i had it 3 times she changed the name slightly after i blocked her first time.

ME too. Two pms today. Blocked and deleted.

Had it blocked it

maybe it’s a spam bot?!


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I too have had this and ignored and now the same one but in German!

Ditto I blocked it also

Here also !!

Spam bot! Now using German with slight variation on name. So likely it’ll only get worse.

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