To web team.

I think this whole forum, has been scammed.


Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

There are a couple of options for our forum software and we’re looking into them as a priority.

Greg [admin]

Hi Chris

Do you mean spammed (loads of posts from a dodgy user with links to other sites) or scammed?

Could you email us at with some more details? Same goes for any other comments/complaints etc.

Emails are more immediate and likely to get seen to sooner.


Greg [admin]

Scammed, Spammed, what ever names it goes by.

Yes loads of dodgy posts ??.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).


We are seeing spambots on the system - we got hit by a particularly busy one last night. Please flag spam by hitting the ! icon on the post or reporting it via - we’ll deal with it.


Did you ask for email updates when someone replied to a topic? If so then you will have received an email when the spammer ‘replied’ to a thread you’ve been involved with. I can check this for you if you can forward the email to

Greg [admin]

On our MS site and another site which has been up for years have never had a single spam posting in forum or spam PM as we use Evolution Xtreme and
with the same php bb forum.

Maybe the webteam might take a look at the nukesentinel and spambot killer module and try and implement something similar here?

Known Ip spam ranges and spam email addys are also blocked and fully automatic. any user account or forum hack = a ip ban also.

Seeing as you can’t make a post without logging in here the back door hole needs to be closed, once a spam bot gets free access then the vulnerable

domain will be passed around the houses so this issue will only get worse.

Some kind of new usser account email validation should be inplace otherwise its a free for all.

Cool for once wasn’t trying to knock, just suggest a technology that exists and seams to work

I use an epilepsy forum, and some people have found it ‘amusing’ to send lots of spam messages with images that could provoke a siezure in people who have photosensitive epilepsy.

Any spam is a pain, but doing something you know will probably cause a siezure and possably and injury to someone is much worse!

The way the forum got around the worst of the problems was to make every new member go through a period of moderation before they are given free access. Also the time-out thing this forum does.

I think those who want to spam ‘for fun’ will find a way to do it.