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Not sure if this is classed as spam or junk, but I’m receiving personal messages into my inbox from the US offering an email address to “make contact”.

This member has only joined the forum in the last few hours but has already sent 4 messages, each exactly the same ?

I’ve now blocked this member and deleted the emails.

But just curious if this might be spam ?

I received the same I copied and sent to Admin. It also happened a few months sent by someone with a different name Admin deleted the person. Some strange people about!

Jan x

Thanks for flagging this. We’re aware and the member has now been removed - please, let me know asap if something similar happens again, and it goes without saying - please do not reply to any such messages, or disclose any personal details. Oliver

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Same here

Hello, I’ve just got the same direct messages requesting email contact.

I’ve also received such a message this morning.

I’m locking this thread. Jactac thank you very much for flagging.

To everyone who received the message - this is spam, please do not reply. The member has been removed from the forum. In future, if you receive suspicious private messages, please contact me asap and I will look in to this. Do not respond or disclose any personal information.

If you have a query about this - please PM me and I can answer or help you there.