Spam messages through this forum

Is anyone else getting weird spam messages on here? Had two today. Messaged Stewart, but guess he hasn’t read it as I have just received a second one from the same user!

From lovethph

Hello my dear,
My name is Miss Hazina Samuel, is my pleasure to contact you after viewing your profile today, I am looking for a partner and relationship if you are interested write me back thanks i will be expecting your mail,
Your friend

Is it just me getting these messages? Have thought about using a disposable email to play around with them for a bit. The time they spend writing to me is less time they can spend writing and trying to scam other people! Lol!

I got one too xxx

Oops - I just saw a message further down, so have just duplicated the same thing. Sorry! In my defence, we are having horrendous internet problems. Anyone else who is, it’s apparently a nationwide problem with BT!

I haven’t had such an offer…should I be jealous!!!


I got one too, was going to email admin, but looks like I’ve been beaten to it.

Phew, at least I wasn’t missed out!

It seems Hazina is a bit of a tramp… perhaps we should match them up with my Nigerian general. …

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