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Hello all As anyone else got a private message from someone called Jack? Going on about being cured of ms in three years and come and join him in the cure or whatever. I’ve blocked him but just curious. He joined the forum about 3 hours ago. X

I’m sure the admin team will have picked it up now you’ve mentioned it.

No, but clearly not legit if he’s going on about “cures”, and highly suspect if he’s targetting individual members without doing it out in the open, too. Clearly some variety of scammer. If he was sincere but misguided, why the hush-hush? In the unlikely event I’d stumbled on a bona fide cure for MS that the rest of the world had overlooked, I’d be shouting it everywhere, not sending PMs. Tina x

If you found a bonafied cure, a phamasutical firm would have paid you so much to keep it secret, you would not be needing to sell to anyone on a forum, that’s for sure.

I agree, you should report the PM, as someone might actually be gullible enough to believe it.

I’m going to report it, just wondered if anyone else had got a message.

Thank you

No. I didn’t get it Noreen.

Shazzie xx

Yes whammel Gullible people, yes there are lots of those in the world of ms, all the experts that think we believe they know what there talking about, all the people that actually do think the experts know what they are doing, and all the people that really belive, that I’m in control happy with the situation, learned to live with it & never get upset anymore.

not yet blossom if i do i cannot put my reply here targeting folks like that deserves a ban or the very

least an angry sheep reply baaaaaaaa hope your ok xx

sean x