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haven’t been on here for a while, got a message from the moderator to say that if I didn’t log in before the 30th I’d be consigned to the digital bin… So i thought i’d better make some digital breathing noises.

A question: Why is it that everybody and his/her dog seems to recognise the signs of ms. but the experts are unable to definitively provide a cure?

I’ve spent some time giving this thought, as you may well believe can only think that maybe one possible cause could be a combination of vaccinations given over a period of years that have somehow incubated into something else.

Another possible cause maybe a severe attack of glandular fever that laid me flat for a few days and then disappeared. The GP told me to stay off school for at least a week

A third possible cause might have been a contracted STD when I was a teenager.

Are the experts looking in the right places for a cure, is ms important enough to invest time and money finding a solution?


I think it’s like diabetes. They’re making too much money off the drugs to worry about an actual cure. I’ve also wondered about the vaccines. i’m not an anti-vaccer, but it seems to me that no one has ever researched the long-term effects of all of them together. Just because vaccines A & B are safe doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re safe together. Could we have inadvertently caused new health problems by preventing the old ones?

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If we hadnt had the vaccines and got such as whooping cough, polio, rubella, diptheria, TB, we might not be around to get MS!

A one time theory of why I got MS, is maybe herpes cold sores caused it…cos I dont get them anymore. The germ went inward and gave me MS.



Yes I would agree. That would explain why there appears to be so many variants and symptoms. A mutation of a combination of various vaccines, virus’, bacterial infections left to ferment in the body for, in some cases, many years or in some cases, several months.

You’ve got a good point there, Bouds. I don’t get cold sores, either, and I was shocked when I learned that all of my bloodwork shows high levels of the herpes zoster.