keyesgood looking for Stewart

Hi everyone, I was very angry at the email so messaged the guy back. Below is the email I sent.

Please take your money grubbing messages elsewhere rather than preying on people who are ill and vulnerable and also desperate. How very cruel you are. I don’t know how you could think this was acceptable or warranted to message so many people on a site that is supposed to be for people to get support from each other not for some money grubber to come on and sell them some snake oil. Please do not message me again or I will be forced to take further action as this is unsolicited and unwanted contact.

This was his reply.

If I’m a bad person why don’t you call me and talk to me ,

keyesgood 7:35 pm

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The ms society will not answer my emails , just in case you lot find out about what ms really is , get them to contact me , get this Stewart guy to contact me , asap

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