For Stewart or/and mods' URGENT

Hi All, I have just opened my e-mails at home and received 3 noreply e-mails from mss,. They had nothing to do with me what so ever maybe if you have time you could look into what ever has gone amiss with the system as I could actually read the whole message which wasn’t meant for me. Many thanks. Janet x

Oh dear Janet. that’s very worrying.

Shazzie x

Not just a mistake by the sender? If they don’t send to the right place, they won’t go to the right place.

Did you contact the sender (the same one, or several different people?) and explain you have received something that didn’t appear to be meant for you? That would alert them if they’d accidentally sent to the wrong person.

I assume you do mean notifications of private msgs here on the forum, and not e-mails from the MSS generally?



Hi Shazzie and Tina, there wasn’t a name with the message which came to my hiome e-mail so I couldn’t inform them of their error or I would have done just that, and yes Tina your assumption of private messages here on the forum and not from MSS generally…so what the heck is going on, I wonder?? Thanks for replying, just hope the mods are looking into it. Janet x

Sorry Val, As soon as I read it I deleted them (3) in all so unfortunately I canT but it was talking about bloated legs which I had no idea what they were on about. I then went straight away to the forum and there weren’t any messages waiting for me. It also was not in the same format that is the norm. I wish I had kept them but was a little worried it may be a virus. Sorry not a lot of help but maybe you may have some insight to it. Janet x

I find that when i reply to someones post i recieve emails with the replys from everyone else who has commeneted on the post,maybe thats what happened to you.

If you go to your deleated emails they will still be in there as long as its not been to long since you deleted them, click on them and they will go back into your emails.



I suppose accidentally clicking “get email alerts” on a thread you hadn’t meant to would result in notifications about topics you didn’t recognize.

When Janet mentioned one of the subjects had been “swollen legs”, I thought there had been a topic about that quite recently - or rather an old one that somebody had resurrected. But as usual when using the search function, I couldn’t find it. Does it ever work?

I’m rather guessing it’s nothing sinister - that the board hasn’t started distributing private messages to random people, or anything like that.



Thanks all for your replies but after I deleted them I then deleted them from my delete file (sure you know what I mean) but have no idea how to open the ‘empty bin’ as I have windows 8 and don’t know my way around all the nousooks and crannies yet. I will have another try as they did look suspious to me. Janet x