I hope that things are better than expected and you know where the cooking sherry is. I just found an E-mail from .PayPal telling me my information needed updating. The language didn’t scan properly,the punctuation wasn’t quite right and I spotted one typo…“.appERCiate your co-operation”.I bet they would… didn’t feel inclined to click on the box that would let me reveal all my juicy secrets.

I humbly suggest if you are lucky enough to receive this early christmas message that you bin it post haste.Right enough already’

Laters, Wb <(L)>


hi Wb

i get that one frequently, never open it, mainly because i can’t be bothered so can’t confirm the faulty syntax but thanks for the warning.

carole x

Thanks for the warning W.B. There are some devious people around.


Cheers hun. :slight_smile:

thanks for that will watch out for it, i got one last week suposed to be from my bank,telling me to look at this as it will show me how to spot a fake e mail from them needless to say i didnt open it and binned it strait away.