Bizzare PM

Morning everyone, I am posting to report a very strange PM I received early this morn. It was from somebody calling themselves trustee 11 & they were saying they had got info from the society, wanted a reply via email about investing in this country & wanting people to get on board! I am very concerned that a breach has occurred & if details have been obtained about us all. I have blocked this person. Oliver, if you could look into this I would be very grateful. Anyone else been contacted or is it just me? Thanks! Tracey xx

I got that as well! Obviously a new(ish) version of the advance fee email fraud that has been doing the rounds for years. It goes without saying that you SHOULD NOT REPLY! Even sending them an email telling them to ***k off is dangerous because it identifies your live email address which can be sold on to other fraudsters and spammers.

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I am a bit worried that they have been able to access this site and send PMs. Things have moved on from the good old days of the kitchen company spammers on threads!

I have reported it to Oliver so hopefully admin can investigate. Worrying that these can do this, we were compromised a while back & had to change our passwords, hoping it hasn’t happened again x

I got this private message this morning. $14.5 million. I could get a lot of socks with that !

Seriously though, Boblatina is right. Just delete the bloddy thing.


Thank you for letting me know. I have blocked the user in question and am looking in to this.

Please do not reply, click on any links or submit/confirm any personal details.

Again, the user is blocked and I presume that this is just a scam (no details have been obtained) but we will look in to this.

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