Dodgy E-mail

Hello there,and I hope your day was alright and this evening is restful.I got an E-mail earlier that said it was from PayPal and there had been some unusual purchases on my credit card.The letter said to click on a link and provide the required information.

BOGUS…The whole thing was a scam to try and get information from me,or maybe to ‘follow me’ into my Internet Banking if I went to check the balance on the card.I’d never seen the like before, so I phoned my computer Guru, and he told me to delete it,so I have.

There were grammatical errors in the E-mail and it just didn’t look right and Firefox blocked a pop up. I just thought that I’d let you know,but you may deal with them all the time. I can imagine that some people could get conned by the thing and lose money

That’s that,



Any grammar or spelling mistakes are always always from bogus senders. They are rarely bright enough to know.

Hi WB,

I get a lot of these e-mails, just really sad people trying to con money out of people its disgusting. I have had them from banks that I have never banked with, Paypal, Amazon, etc etc etc. If an e-mail asks you to click a link I would always advise anyone not to click it and send the e-mail to the company, they all seem to have an e-mail address for any spoof (as they call it) e-mails.


I get these about every two weeks (either E-Bay or Paypal), and I do not have an account with either firm.
That is another way of spotting a scam.

Both E-Bay and Paypal have a separate “” mailbox that you can forward these messages to (without opening them), and I understand that they do try to shut these sites down (but scammers are like other vermin - they try to find another way in).

Still, like Wb found, popup blockers and similar measures are well worth having.


I get at least one of these a day, so annoying I always report them to whoever’s phishing department. Quite scary though my parents once got one and had I not been there they would have done as it asked, they are both in their 70’s and not up on this kind of thing. Sue

My junk box is full of theese. I get atleast 30 a day but am well used to it.

Phishing, malware, key loggers and trojan virus’s they are clever enough to come up with them but most times poor use of spelling and grammar gives it away.

The banks fraud team are sometime too good, i use itunes and they take the money from your account on a certain day. So if you buy a song on tuesday the money won’t be taken till friday. To the bank when your money leaves your account your sat at the computer at home but i was miles away trying to pay for food. So they stopped my card, horrible situation but atleast you know someones keeping an eye out.