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Hi I’m andy 34 and new here. I have been suffering from very intense electric shock type pain in my left thigh, it’s been going on for about a year. It start off by twice a week but only lasting a few seconds at a time… just this week and especially today the pain has jump up another lever and lasting up to 10 seconds. It’s even effected my driving while my son was in the back…Please guys any advice would be great fun. Thank you.

Andy Welcome to the boards. Sorry I can’t help with this issue but will bump up to try to get replies. Neil

Hello andy

Not had this problem myself. Gabapentin may be the drug you need, make an appointment with your gp.

Good luck, Noreen

PS; welcome to the site xxx

Hi Andy Welcome to the site! Like Noreen has suggested I take Gabapentin 3 times a day for the shock pains I get around my body. This has helped to minimise the amount of shocks I get and also helps with the pain when I do get them. You should speak to your G.P about it as I know a few people on here that take this to help with that type of pain. Take care, Polly x

hi andy

have you considered driving an automatic? it may help if only need one leg to drive.

i used to get extreme cramps and my automatic really helps.

good luck mate

carole x

Hi, I actually drive an auto now but it’s slightly powerful, when I do get electric pain in my leg and accidentally touch the gas it can be slightly dangerous. Auto’s are great.

see my reply to your other thread.

Hi, I have had this sort of pain but in my left arm and it hurts like hell! I have now started, well the past few weeks getting the shackes in my arm and have to move it about to try and stop it but wont go away. I am thinking of a auto car as i am no longer able to drive a manual so the wife does all the driving now!

I drive a semi-automatic with hand controls fitted. They were difficult to use at first but I got used to them after a few days. It’s great to not think about what my legs are doing. It’s much easier and less stressful. My husband drives the same car and can use normal foot controls as usual. The hand controls were fitted free of charge on our motability car. Hope that helps.