leg pain after driving.

Hi, been a long time since my last post, been really good few months, still getting tired and know if I forget my meds lol. Last weekend I drove about 100 mile round trip to see friends, but I’ve now spent the last two days in bed, not with fatigue so much although present, but with burning pins and needles in both legs, from toes to the top of my thighs. Still going now, but determined to get to work tomorrow. I’m wondering wether it’s time to consider a wheel chair as I would be able to go to work still in pain but i really enjoy my job. I know I’m not going to drive that far again, will share the journey with my wife, problem is I love driving :’( I can still get about with my stick, but my job is becoming more physically demanding with floor walk and checks as I am a floor manager. I am dependent on my stick for walking anyway already, how do I decide I need a chair? Help!