Cramped legs on long car journeys

Hi folks Ruth and I are going to take a short break in Dorset over the weekend, in a great looking barn conversion with all the adaptations I could wish for. But I’m getting anxious about the car journey. My stamina for long trips is much reduced. My legs start to cramp up because I haven’t got room to stretch them out, and my bum gets sore. Has anyone got any tried and tested solutions to these problems? Obviously I need a pressure relief cushion small enough for a car seat. Anyone tried the doughnut shaped ones? I may just dose up on baclofen, gabapentin and paracetamol. Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks Kev

Hi Kev

It sounds lovely, so hope you have a fab time

I don’t get cramp but between busting for a pee (then nothing happens when I actually get there) and attaxia, I hate being in the car! I’m uncomfortable and have to try not to look forward at the road either - we have roughly an hour commute (with really good traffic, so that’s at an ungodly hour in the morning) and well over 2 hours if there’s any hold ups (M25!) on the way home. So the question is, who’s driving, you or Ruth?

I try to sleep in the car and I have no idea how I’d cope without a snooze, I think it’s the only way I’d get thru a day at work too. If you’re driving then I hope there’s some good suggestions for you

Sonia x

We can share driving because I can drive on hand controls, and actually the best way to do it might be to split it ninety minutes each- that way I can get cramp in two different seats. I can’t sleep, and I like to look at the journey. (I’m sure if I were commuting on the M25 as a passenger I’d try to sleep, though.)

Hi Kev

Your destination sounds lovely, time to relax together, bliss!! I have to travel over to the north east for hospital appointments, 2 1/2 hours each way and my legs and hips suffer badly with the traveling. I take my pain meds but find that a soft pliable feather pillow in my lower back helps. I sort of wrap it around my waist and recline the seat a bit. Sounds uncomfortable but it isn’t, it helps take some of the weight off my bottom and legs. I’ve tried a massage cushion but that didn’t work as well. That and regular stops helps me.

Cath xx

If you find a cure please let me know, I get it after an hour sat in the car.

Pauline x