I'm new

Hi. I’ve just registered. I was given this resource some months ago but only now feeling like i can dip my toes in.

not sure what to say. but feeling very alone and upset at mo. hoping that i can connect with people that actually get it. :frowning:

Welcome rain,

Just sorry you’ve had to join us with your diagnosis.

People on here can offer lots of advice and support and a bit of a laugh too.



this is a good place to get and share advice and your experience. It is quite useful to let off steam and there will be people here who really understand how you might be feeling, plus there is space for some lighter stuff too.

Good luck


Hi Rain

Welcome to the club. As Mick says, there’ll be plenty of us who will relate to everything you’re feeling and will really get it. So post as much as you need to. Ask questions, ask for advice, express how you’re feeling, whatever. It will all be welcome


Hi, One aspect of disability, that is rarely mentioned, is how isolating it is. We are constrained physically and socially. This limits the opportunities we have to express how we feel. I agree wholeheartedly with Jen, Mick and Dan that this Forum is the perfect place to change that. We’re all in the same boat and whatever you have to say there will be always be someone here who will identify with you. You’re very welcome to join in the conversations or simply sit back and enjoy the chatter. Regards, Anthony

Rain, rain don’t go away and do come back another day! There’s always room for more here and whatever you’ve got to say we’re listening, in the event you think you have nothing useful to say try the brain fog thread xx