I'm 23 and worried ill find no one

Hi, I’m 23 and worried ill find no one. Who would want a wobbly, tremory guy who struggles to talk?

Hi dan, so sorry to hear of your worries.

There are several couples here, who found love via this site.

Dont search too hard and maybe it will happen.

luv Pollx

Dan Remember, love is blind. It’s what you say that matters - not how you say it. Chin up.

Dan - I will tell you now - I fell in love with my husband who was a wobbly tremory guy who has a huge speech problem. I still cant understand him some days! You need to have a little more faith in yourself - yes, there will be people who judge and walk away - but that is their problem and not yours. But, more importantly there are lots of people out there who will see past all of the things that you think are going to be an issue.

I bet for every 1 thing that you think will turn someone off about you - there are another 20 things that will get them interested.

H xxx


a girl thats a chatterbox and wants someone to listen? i am one of the folk that poll refers to-i dated someone from this site for 2 years but we both realised that our outlooks on life were just too different. its easy to get caught up the the ‘blaming ms for everything’ trap but truth/reality is folk find love because of who they are and what they can offer a partner and has little to do with illness/disability.

ellie x

Hi Dan, you are only 23 and have loads of time to find that very special person. When you do you will know that you are loved for you because sincere and loving people will look past your disability. I did not have ms when I met my husband, but we met and married within six weeks and will celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary in September. When I was diagnosed 8 years ago my husband was brilliant and still remains so even though I rely in him to do so many things. I have two grown up sons and two gorgeous grandchildren age 4 and 1. I can never remember my oldest grandson seeing me as any different to anybody else and he has never asked me why I walk with crutches or why I’m in a wheelchair. Whenever we go out he loves to sit on my lap in it and thinks my stairlift is a big adventure. Anne x.

Hi Dan

I am so sorry you are feeling like this, but my Mum always says as “God made them he paired them” so give it time and you will find somebody that loves you for you!

I agree with Nanny McPhee you are only young and have tons of time so don’t worry.

Bev xx

Mind and heart will win the day

So like yourself

Don’t hide away

C x

There are regular social meets arranged in central London if you fancy getting in the shop window.!/events/243135175821129/

This site is aimed at the younger MSer and probably worth checking out.

Hi Dan

When I was diagnosed at 23 I thought I’d be single for the rest of my life. I’m 35 now and have been married for nearly 6 years. It can be tough of course, but it’s meant we really know what it means when the vows say ‘in sickness & in health, for better or worse’!


Hi Dan

I sort of know how you feel. I’ve never had much luck with relationships, and now am thinking my chances may have got a lot slimmer since dx. BUT, I am a bit of a believer in fate, and personally, every good person in my life has stumbled into my path (or I’ve stumbled into theirs…literally nowadays) by accident. Whilst I’m not holding my breath, I’m also not giving up just yet.

Hang on in there, your time will come


Im a lot older than you and to be honest when I was told I had MS I truelly thought as you. I told a couple of close friends one of which Im in a relationship with now. Please dont ever think that you will not find a partner, there is life after diagnosis and when your not looking that is usually when you’ll find someone.

Chin up mate you will. Me and my other half got together just before my DX and she stuck with me despite my depression bad moods and every thing else that goes with it. When you find the right person they will love you despite the MS and the difficulty it brings to life. Stay positive and keep looking James

I am thinking I need to find someone with a disability as well? I know I need to.start getting back out there! But I’m really shy now and embarrassed. Ahhhh why is it so hard