Ignominious, is this too early in the morning? It’s just a coincident and not wanting to pinch Scudger’s thunder. My left leg would not hold my weight this morning, this would have to happen after having a wee - girl wise! It could have been worseat least I had someone to lend a hand. This may make sorting the solution sound overly quick and simple it was not. No saying it had anything to do with MS but I don’t know of any forums for old **** falling to bits at the seams, maybe I should start one! Take care guys and be as safe as you can be. M xx

Hello M.

Yes, we could have an OFMS branch of the forum. It should be honest, blunt and packed with dark MS humour.

Yesterday, if it hadn’t been for the side rail next to the toilet, I’d have dropped over the side and landed like a great lummox on the unforgiving bathroom floor. Lucky or what? Especially as I don’t have it folded down as a rule. But I was having a bit of a session on the number two scene and I’d let it down on the visit fifteen minutes before to give me something to lean on whilst my bowels lumbered into action. Too much information? No, we are all strong here.

Anyway, I did the deed and was able to heft my frame into the shower to clean myself up for the day.

I have a wet room with a seat. (Marvellous). I’m also aware of the collapsing left knee but it surprises us sometimes, crafty little blighter. And we can still make light of our problems. It helps.

Best wishes, Steve

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Cheers Steve, a wet room is my next requirement but fortunately my humour as not failed yet! It’s the unexpected thing that bites you on the ****!

Take care and watch out for the unexpected, M

Nobody expects the Spanish Ignominious!