If anyone sees my brain could they send it back ASAP please?

Argh I’ve had enough of having no concentration span and poor short term memory! Keep forgetting things even with notes and reminders. Keep getting words muddled up and saying wrong ones even though it sounds right to me :s It’s most confusing when my partner corrects me and I am sure I said the same thing as him but haven’t! And simple things that I’ve done millions of times are a Herculean task! I’d like my brain back now :frowning:

I know how you feel. I am increasingly slurring some of my words, particularly names and my husband keeps pointing it out! A new brain sounds ideal! Teresa xx

That could easily be my status! Have had to remind myself every 5 mins that I had to pick my son up as he had a viola exam this morning. I was terrified I would forget it. Have so many reminders on my phone at the moment. Kepp writing things and saying things the wrong way round. I did ask for a new brain for my birthday but no one got me one!!


Aww sounds like we could all do with a new brain. I’m arranging a surprise trip to Dublin for my mans birthday next week! We fly on Saturday 20th and trying to remember everything that needs doing and organising and collecting…nightmare! Especially seeing as he is diabetic and so I need to organise a letter to allow him to take his insulin & needles etc on the plane! X

When you find where it’s hiding, mine will be the one keeping it company! It’s just taken me ages to compose what should have been a simple email. My concentration is rubbish today. :frowning:

Aww mine too! If it weren’t for the iPad auto correcting me none if this would make sense!

Lol, I now have a vision of a shelf somewhere with all our brains lined up! The question is, will we be given the co-ordinates to allow us to find these errant bodyparts?

Sharon x

Haha! I hope so! X

Hee Hee!!! This has just made me chuckle, I have just tried to log on three times but had forgotten my password, so I hear you guys!!!

ps- if you are all looking for new brains, do you think I can be greedy and ask for a new brain AND a new left leg??? x

Hmm I think that’s ok :stuck_out_tongue: but only if I can have a new sense of balance lol x


Hehe if only it was that simple!

hmmm, i know what you mean, i am on ‘a sofa day’ today. definitely wibbly and alot wobbly today, it’s rubbish isn’t it? Am doing a phased return at work and i am having days off in between and it wipes me out!

Whilst we are requesting things, i will also have a new right leg. In for a penny, in for a pound and all that!


AND … whilst I am resting today, if anyone could arrange for Idris Elba to pop round to do my ironing and maybe hoover through that would be rather lovely. xxx

OOH if we are adding things to our requests can I add new legs, a tongue that works and a throat that swallows correctly! I don’t think I’m asking too much :wink:

Dingbat I am totally with you on passwords. Nearly every time I log on to sites I have to request a new one as I can never remember what I used the last time!


I’m having a daft day today. Had a blood test this morning and could hardly remember what the test was despite it only being ordered yesterday! X

I am a disaster with passwords!!!

Sharon, of course you can have a new tongue, I’ll add it to the list!!! That must be horrid, I have only had a couple of weird symptoms with my tongue and only half of it goes numb. Very weird!!!

littlekit, bless ya, its horrid isn’t it, the things we have to put up with. Don’t know about you guys but this heat wrecks me… it makes me shaky, sweaty and i do silly things ( like sunday, dropping a knife, point down on my toe and lacerating it, only to pick said knife up and then stab myself in the hand!) ;-(

Anyways, where has Idris got to?


Don’t let me anywhere near knives at the moment. Our knife block is fixed at eye height. I went to take the bread knife out yesterday and managed to flick it right across the kitchen. Hey maybe I could get a job as a knife thrower in a circus as I managed to avoid myself and all children present!! Thankfully with my clumsiness I haven’t managed to hurt anyone yet.

I had to check who Idris Elba was and have to say, can you send him down to me when you’ve finished with him :slight_smile:


Haha oh dear! I sliced my finger the other day trying to slice cucumber. My hand seems to wave left and right when I try to cut things! X

@ Sharon… do you actually think that if Idris was to appear on my doorstep that I would actually let him back out again??? lol

@littlekit2013…careful!!! having said all this i have just had a cool bath and managed to razor my index finger instead of my leg!!! (I don’t have hairy fingers by the way so shaving my finger was not i repeat not intentional)