Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy - what?

Hi All,

I'm another tingler - hands,feet and back with weakness in legs and poor balance at times. 2 months constant now.


Yesterday I was reading about 'Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy'  - similar symptoms to mine(tingling, dizziness, weakness) although normally starts in 60s rather than 40s(!) with no identified cause. It even mentions weakness in ankles which I've really noticed in my left ankle - painful lke i would think arthritis might be - big toe too like gout! What surprises me though is that websites talk about it as being fairly common, no cure and can be progressive. What strange bodies we have that these things can just come out the blue and despite those wonderful Hawkins programmes (did anyone see last night?) about the advanced state of our medical knowledge, we really dont know much at all.

Anyway, I get my brain MRI results this week -another piece of the jigsaw.





Completely agree with the not knowing much thing - scary how little we know! And when it comes to neurology and the brain, well, we're complete infants! Hence the difficulty in determining exactly what's wrong with us - so many symptoms shared by so many conditions and no detailed knowledge of why they are even happening :-(


Good luck with the MRI results. Let us know?


Karen x