saw neuro today- 1st time in 2 yrs

well, just back from ling awaited visit. I’m currently undiagnosed.

Last saw neuro a few yrs ago, after having numbness and pins and needles in1 hand and arm. had clear mri lumbar puncture etc.

Now symptoms are a lot worse, including:pain in arm and hand, numbness in foot and leg, heavy tight feeling in legs, 1 case of Optic Neuritis,.

Anyway, seems back to have more tests, so having blood tests, another mri- not sure if with dye and then a lumber puncture.

Seems my reflexes are a little brisk- not too sure what this means??, Also had great difficulty hoping on 1 leg?again, unsure of implications of this.

Neuro is thinking MS or fibromyglia

any comments or thoughts would be great- will have another apt in 3-4mths when all results in.

Hi Beth, glad the neuro is doing all the right tests.

Brisk reflexes can happen with MS… but I’m not sure if it happens with other conditions, probably does. Not being able to hop on one leg can show problems with balance and weakness in leg… but again it probably the same for other conditions and I’m also sure there are plenty of perfectly healthy people who can’t hop… but it’s all these things added together of course that can show there’s a problem.

The good thing is that you are having all the right tests and hopefully won’t be long before you get some answers. You are certainly on the right track to find out what’s going on.

Pat x

thanks pat- just the reassurance I needed xx