1st Neuro app. coming up. What will happen?

Hi guys, I’ve been reading the posts on here for a couple of months now. I’ve got some ‘ms type’ symtpoms and have finally received my first neuro appointment for the end of this month. What will happen? Will the neuro be able to rule out a possilbe viral cause? I’ve had two lots of bloods, which were all fine. I started having bad dizziness about four months ago (which I’ve never had). I still get it every day, but not so bad. My legs feel like jelly and weak if I walk for more than a couple of minutes. My arms also feel weak. My hands and feet tingle every day and I get pains in my arm and leg muscles on and off. I don’t feel my normal self most of the time. I suspected anemia or something like that. But all my bloods were fine. I then suspected some kind of virus, but I’ve had no colds or flu for several months before this all started. I’ve had the jelly legs on and off for about two years, and the tingling hands as well. I googled these symptoms and put ‘blood test all normal’. and voila: I started getting matches for ms. I’m 46. My dad had ppms and his brother has rrms. Their uncle had ms too, so I know there’s a slightly increased risk for me. Will the neuro be able to rule out a neurological cause on the first appointment? Many thanks in advance for any feedback.

Hi, the neuro will take your family history, your symptom history and do some neuro tests. They can tell a lot by these tests so I would think they can rule out a neurological cause. You will prob be sent for other tests too, like MRI. Hope that helps!

Hi Daisy, thanks for the reply. I don’t think I’ll be able to have an MRI as I have implants in one of my ears??? Will wait and see what doc says. It’s hard to be patient. Thanks again. :slight_smile: