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Hi All,

I am 26, Happily Married, Happier than I have every felt before in my life but then this....

I am awaiting an appointment to see a neurologist. I have been to the docs twice and the hospital once, They said they could admit me but no one could see me until the week (this was on a Saturday.

I was wondering if anyone could just let me know if they have had anything similar, It started in my ankle, I couldn’t walk on my heels (not that you would but i trod in something in the garden and wanted to go wash my feet) no strength in my foot but no pain, I could still walk but ti felt lame like a stranger took control.

It got worse, It spread to my whole foot, then I had a pain in my head that last for 5 minutes my cheek started violently twitching and then stopped. The next day we went for a walk, after 20 minutes I was walking like Quasimodo, I had to tell myself to lift my leg a lot higher so it didnt drag but then from my knee down just numb.

Doc said I have to wait so playing the waiting game I am, if it gets worse go to a&e, define worse, I have pains in my lower back now, my legs ach and my right leg is still numb, I am getting pins and needs in my left arm and numbness in my left elbow/bicep. I feel like I am complaining to much, I have lived my life no matter how bad you are someone’s always worse, you break and arm someone lost one. I suppose it feels good to type it out to strangers but anyone that wants to say something or anything about symptoms please I would be happy to hear it.

Best regards

Tom happy2guitar

Hi Tom, and welcome to the site happy2

Well, it certainly sounds like something's going on! Exactly what might take a while to work out (neurology is complicated!), but you're on the right track so hopefully you won't have too long to wait for your appointment, and some answers.

In the meantime, try and keep an open mind and not worry about it being anything too scary, for example, if this is the first time that something like this has happened to you, then it's possible it will be the last because there are infections that can result in one-off neurological attacks. Even some vitamin deficiencies can cause neurological symptoms!

I guess A&E is the right place to go if you or your wife get scared by a symptom, things get suddenly worse or if a symptom becomes unbearable. Trust your gut instincts (but don't be too brave!).

And don't worry about complaining. It's not like you've just stubbed your toe! We are all entitled to have a moan when things are tough - it's why places like this forum are so wonderful: we all understand.

Karen x

Hi hope you find out what is going on I started with my left foot not moving at all,they said it was a trapped nerve.I later had a MRI brain scan then a LP,this showed MS.Iwas dx last november have just come to terms with dx Janette

Thanks guys,

I am not one to moan, Today my nech is really aching, my left arm feels weak but I can still use it fine, LEg is still the same and im feeling a bit dizzy.  I am trying not to think about it too much, It could still be nothing (well it must be something) but maybe not anything that will be too bad.  Its jsut this waiting game, I work from home and fins myself wondering to look for the post every 5 minutes ha ha.


I really appreciate you coming back to me and all your advice will be taken on board and thank you Janette, I am glad you have come to terms with things.  My outlook on life is very simple, I am as my wife says a simple soul, Be possitive and be happy because life is short.  Do you have a very supportive family? Lucky for me my wifes family are really loving and caring but live miles away.

I wish you the best and will keep you posted, Just checked the post, no postman just yet! x

Hello and welcome. I hope this site gives you the support you need - everyone has been fantastic since I joined!

Symptoms can be so variable, yours could be any number of things so it really can be just a waiting game. Mine started with what was diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my left hand (pins & needles and numbness), progressed to blurred and double vision, then eventually numb patches on my leg and then speech issues (thought I’d had a stroke). I saw a rheumatologist, an eye doctor then finally the neurologist after I put everything together with the help of google!!! I was unfortunately right and was diagnosed with MS in April.

Anything we can help with, just ask!

Thanks Emma,

I know it is just a waiting game, Its just annoying, but I am prepaired for anything.  It could be anything and will not know until the tests are done. We can only keep doing what we do.  Its hard that I work with my wife, we run our own business from home so I can't pester her about it and I really am not one to moan.  Thank god I found this place, its only been since today but I feel I suppose not alone in not knowing.

Hi Tom,

I can't really add anything to what the others have said but ....

Welcome to the sitehappy2

You will get a lot of advice/support on here which has been invaluable to me. Its a great place to have a good moan! lol!

I was diagnosed 7 years ago.  Married for 18 years. Aged 40.

Hope you get the answers you are looking for soon.

Teresa. x

Thanks Teresa,  I appreciate it thumbsup

Hi Tom

I too am playing the waiting game and am in what they call limboland!!

My symptoms started in Feb with numb/tingly hands, legs and a tightening every so often on my rib cage (sounds like what they call the MS hug).  These feelings went after 2 weeks but I have since been left with numb hands.  I have had MRI scans and my Neuro has found 1 lesion but as  MS is hard to diagnose I have to wait 3 months for another MRI to see if further lesions have appeared.

All I can say is good luck and keep on going to your Drs and hospital.  Luckily I have a really good Neuro but if I hadn't kept on phoning and hassling my Drs surgery I wouldn't be as far down the line as I am now.

Keep us in touch


hi tom

i started out on this journey nearly 2 years ago now with a numb right leg which first doc told me it was a trapped nerve!!

anyway here we are now and i'm dx with rrms

hopefully you won't follow us down the same road

take care


Thank you guys,

It feels good to hear its not just me with the dreaded waiting game, At best I hope for a trapped nerve but I have had it before, I am not really in any pain so its bizare, I had a few tight chest pains last night we will see.

Thanks guys I will keep you updated on this long journy!!


Hey Tom,  

Just wanted to say hi and that it isn't a bad thing to moan.  Having a good one is very theraputic.  I have a counsellor who is great and I have a really good moan to her.  I had one today in fact.  Sometimes she has a good moan to me, which I also enjoy as it's good to listen to other people's problems sometimes. It deflects from your own.

I bang on about B12 a lot, as it really helped me when I had a bad relapse at the beginning of the year.  Give it a try.  100mcg daily.  You can take 1000mcg but I got a reaction to it at this level.  Hope everything goes well for you and you continue to have a happy and healthy life.

Adrian ;)

Thanks Adrian, will give it a go!!! Great advice cheers.

Hi Tom, I have dizzyness, blurred vision and other symptoms, not sure if it is MS, waiting for results .

I sometimes think is it all in my head, been off work ages, and suffer from really awful fatigue. Need some answers.

Hope u r well.


Hello Tom and welcome to our happy band,

I wish you luck with your search for the answers to your problems and hope you get them quickly.


Thanks Jan and Jan,

Symtoms remain, not gone anywhere yet, Today it seemed to have reached higher to my hip area, just weird twinges but again As I am now walking funny I suppose I am putting pressure on areas I wouldnt normally effect.

To be honest I have had chest pains too but I am not thinking to much about it, I smoke so I can't complain it could be anything so for now Still waiting for mr Post man to drop off that ruddy letter  x x


GL to you al too

Hi Tom. - I hope the postman has been by now and with the right letter.
Adrian - I have heard about bit b12 injections if levels are low. I believe mine is ok - what benefit woul oral b12 give me - always willing to try anything which helps
Min xx


Hi Min,

I had a really awful attack at the beginning of the year.  I looked up the symptoms and thought it maybe B12 deficiency as the symptoms are very similar i.e. the myelin goes from around the nerves.  So I started taking 100mcg a day.  After a week all my symptoms had gone and I felt really good.  I started taking more, 1000mcg, and unfortunately I got a reaction to it, so I had to stop.  I have started taking it again and it definitely helps, especially with my energy levels.  I would try a good B complex as they work in tandem.

This link is very interesting.  It is about this guy who is taking a very holistic approach to his MS.  I take quite a few of the  things that he takes and I'm pretty sure it makes a difference.

I'm going to have a go on the accupuncture.  I know that Ann Romney uses this and she rides horses at 63.  :))

Just a word of caution, sorry for being a party pooper! There is no evidence that B12 supplements help MS.

MS relapses can improve at any time. Sometimes they happen to improve when we do something differently, so it is only normal for us to assume that the different thing has helped. But, I'm afraid that there is only one thing that has been shown to speed up recovery from an MS relapse and that is corticosteroids (and even they don't always work).

Many people claim to have controlled or managed or even cured their MS: the internet is full of it. The truth is that MS is completely unpredictable and completely individual so that the only way we could ever know if something actually worked is if we had a double who did absolutely everything the same as us except the one thing we wanted to test.

Of course, that doesn't stop us from doing whatever we think might help. In fact, I take B12 supplements myself. I have no expectation that they are actually helping, but it can't hurt!

The only supplement with supporting evidence is vitamin D3. That I take because I'd be daft not to(!), but I have no way of knowing if it's helping me. No one individual can. That's MS :-(

Karen x

Thanks bangorlad - so that’s another tablet to add to my H andB list - but only when they have their penny sale.

Rizzo - no evidence - thanks for letting me know I do like a vague bit of medical knowledge. There’s another thread on everyday living about b12 which has gone done the injectable route which is interesting. I would think injections would get to work faster. Saying you can buy in mainland Europe but not here.

What is your opinion on this one Karen

It’s funny my computer spell checks your rizzo name no fizzy!!!