Hi everyone. Looking for help.of what nature I’m not sure yet. I’ve had a pretty bad few weeks. From a stiffening n numbness at work I attended my doctor on friday who referred me to a neurologist (shock) My condition worsened over the weekend. My left foot dropped. My left leg weakened to the point of not being able to lift right was ok.but sensation dulled to the point I cannot tell temperature difference. Went to casualty.was admitted to an assessment ward since Sunday night.and yesterday was released with an urgent neurologist appointment (unsure how long ) I had many tests.mri’s.bloodchecks. physical checks . lumbar puncture. (All terrifying) My walk had deteriorated…an obvious limp. Off balance. .I was put on 3 days of steroids. A splint fitted. And have been sent home (great ) with a walking left foot has improved a little. I can wiggle toes. Apologies if this is a bit mixed up…I will stay on this only n read your replies n answer. Currently waiting also on a physio. I’m a 44 yr old electrician. .mri showed a deterioration of the nerve coatings at the base of my spine. …Thank you for reading

I am sorry that you are having such an alarming time of it - you must be reeling after going from perfectly normal to suddenly being an in-patient, being poked and prodded and tested and faced with normally reliable bits of you going frighteningly wrong. That is all an awful shock to the system. You must be very relieved to be home. I hope that the improvements continue and that you get back on an even keel very soon.

There’s nothing very good about what has happened, obviously, but, if there was, it would be that you have already got out of the way a number of the tests that can take some considerable time to work through. That’s not much of a comfort, I know. But I hope that it gives the neurologist a bit of a head start, working out what is the matter.

Good luck with it all.


Thank you Alison.for taking the time to answer …shock is an understatement. . I’m taking these days slowly…I feel like I’m going to overdo it …emotionally. So have starred a diary. .n a to do list. .soooo much to do n think about. . On the other front. .There has been a small improvement in my left leg however there are other bits of me that ain’t lower back is now cold n stiff…no complaining …just incredulous at the changes so rapidly. .is this. Normal?.

Hi Sparky

I had a similar experience. Its like being hit by a truck several times over.

I woke up with double vision and within just a few days could hardly see. My pupils were spinning, my face had drooped and I felt drunk. Got admitted had an emergency MRI straight away and knew the results were bad as they wanted to put me in a wheelchair just to go down the corridor. Had a multiple of tests including lumber punture and was put on an IV trip for 3 days. Ended up spending 5 days on the ward and like you was sent away with an outpatient neuro appointment.

Totally overwhelming :frowning:

If its any consolation I recovered within a few weeks.

Hi Humbug,

You recovered within a few weeks…that has brought a tear. amazing.

Huge consolation

im normally perfectly well…maybe not as fit as i could be…but rarely ill.

Can i ask what age you are and are u back to pre attack full fitness? and for how long for?

symptoms wise last night i had incredible lower back pain and my some kind of stomach cramp…never expereinced either to this extent.Legs havent improved…even dipped a little if honest

Also my head is sooo fuzzy…fatiqued and lack of concentration…although mri on brain was clear.

im thankful though for my family and support…and am probably too relaxed right now ( denial ).

thank you for the reply

hi sparky

hope you recover as quickly as it started.

good luck mate.

we’ll still be here if you need us but i’m hoping you are back at work soon.

the world needs electricians!!!

carole x

Hi I’m new here was told I had ms by consultant following mri Had lumbar punctire which was optional he said l the results wouldn’t affect my treatment. Low and behold my LP was clear and he decided that my symptoms were the result of my premature birth 40 years ago. Even though I have only been symptomatic for 10 years. Anyway a year ony I have an appointment with a different neuro nxt wk and I am worried that is going to dismiss my symptoms like the last one. How do I get him to take me seriously. U

I’m as good as I was before and given how bad it was I’d have never have thought it possible. Its been over 2 years for me. Hopefully you will get back on your feet soon and its good news you are already improving. Hang in there.

My head was fuzzy for sometime after. It seemed the last thing to go.