Hello, New to Forum

Hello everyone, I am new here and also pretty new to Limboland. I went to my GP with a tingly, numb and burning front left thigh, dizziness and balance problems and stiff right leg plus some other problems, in early June. Looking back, I also had two distinct bouts of similar problems in the last 4/5 years, though less severe.

Had a whole raft of blood tests which came back OK ( Vit D only just, which is worrying as I was already taking Vit D3 supplement ). GP then sent me to see physiotherapist to check for trapped nerves etc and they gave me an emergency appointment once I had described my symptoms. I saw a “specialist “ physio , (neuro I think), who tested my reflexes, balance etc and was alarmed enough by the results to get on the phone to my GP straight away to say I needed to see a neurologist urgently.

So now I am waiting to see a Neuro – have an appointment in about 6 weeks time. Most of my symptoms have abated somewhat but the dizziness/balance problems remain, occasional fatigue, stiff right leg - the bottom half seems to want to clench up and stiffen even more when I am resting and the occasional attack of fire ants on my thigh still.

I am 56 and a full time carer for my partner who has severe COPD so all of this is a bit of a worry to say the least as I am concerned about looking after him in the future. Anyhow, finding and reading the posts here have been very informative and a bit of a comfort, whatever I end up being diagnosed with, so thank you.

Hello and welcome aboard!

Its obvious summat aint right, so I am glad yor GP and physio are on the case.

Good luck with the neuro appt in a few weeks.

Being a carer for your hubby coul becme difficult.

Please dont try to battle on, if things do overwhelm you.

Get onto social services for help, yeh?

luv Pollx

Hello Poll, thanks for the reply. I will have to contact Social Services I think, as we will need some sort of plan in place in the event that I have to spend time in hospital or am just unwell but at home. I don’t think the dog would do a brilliant job caring, cooking and cleaning!

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: you are in the right place here. This forum has kept my sanity I can tell you. The good thing about this forum is that you’re not alone;there are people on here who understand and let you have a good old moan when you need one and support when you need it too. Definately look at social services, as Poll said. You need to check out what available when you need it. Unfortunately not all GP’s are helpful with this kind of info. You could also try the site for support services in your area? The help is out there, it’s just hard to find when you’re not feeling well. I hope you get sorted soon. I got diagnosed last week, took a while but this forum helped me no end.xxxx