IB to ESA - but retirement on the horizon

OH has just had the dreaded brown envelope about transferring from IB to ESA. Had hoped he would manage to squeeze through as he will be 65 next year, but he is a few months past the cut off of March. In my opinion he should be in the Support Group, following the assessment, he cant drive, get out and about by himself etc. However although I will do my best I am not convinced he will, from all I have read and heard. Have been looking at the Benefits and Work website, trying to get prepared as I will need to do the form. All that stress…

Snap! Got mine on Monday. Worried sick too.

I am 60, but have been deferred to 62.5 to get my state pension.

Brother in law is 63 and has to do the same.

nearly retired arent we and yet they still put us through the wringer.

Heartless beaurocrats.

luv Pollx