I am still on incapacity benefit, is anyone else ?

i keep thinking the letter will arrive every day,i must be the only person still on incapacity benefit, i almost wish they would hurry up and get on with it, so i can get it over with.

I have looked up the timetable and according to .gov it was to be completed by Spring 2014

The only people exempt from the migration were those due to reach state pension age by April 6 2014. If that was you, you would be on pension now not IB. I don’t know what to tell you. On the one hand you want to get it over with but on the other would it be better to let sleeping dogs lie?

I live in one of the last post codes to be moved over and I’ve been on ESA for ages.

its a conundrum. It will be interesting to hear if anyone else is in a similar position


I have been on ESA since January, after waiting 18 months to find out if I would get it. Just waiting to hear about PIP now. It’s so stressful. Maybe phone them and find out? xxx

Been on the benefitsandwork site and theres a backlog of 18 months for ESA transfer.