I wish everyone a relaxed happy week

Falling is no fun.

Falling and needing a pee is even less fun.

The week from the nasty little armpit of the beast is over. I find many of the posts on here both humbling and encouraging. Sharing our experiences offers a window of reality into other lives.

Here was my weekend:

I’m preparing for heat.


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Steve I love your musings. Falling is no fun, I met with a slate floor the other day when I lent on the dog gate, very unforgiving slate floors! Also preparing for heat - not succeeding.

STEVE. Brilliant reading as usual. You have a real talent. Hopo yr concussion is getting better. Anne x

wonderful as usual


carole x

Looks like the “principles of the suspension bridge” just were not up to the job! I’ve just had a 6 wk wait for a chair to be fixed. All because a tiny part - 2 inches - of metal snapped off. BUT in order to get it fixed under the insurance, you have to play by their rules, and boy, do they drag their heels.

Tell me you had the chair insured? No? Well you’re a doofus if not. Bit like a car, chairs swallow money if you let em!!

Actually, Red. The arm stayed intact whilst the back collapsed.

I’m probably going to get a replacement arm and seat frame and enjoy a little project.

Funny, I’d never thought of insurance for my indoor chair. We’ll see. It might not be necessary when I get my NHS chair.

Best wishes, Steve.