I walked to work today :D

Woo hoo!! This is the first time since early March. It only took an extra 7 minutes (I timed it, how sad!)

I’ve had to swap cars with my son as his starter motor is playing up and the mechanic of the family (my brother) is away on holiday - how dare he ;-)!! Some of you may remember my son now goes to a newspaper in the next large town (16 miles away) two days a week as he is an aspiring journalist. Anyway he got a bit scared last week as his car wouldn’t start, his parking ticket had run out and the traffic warden was prowling.

Jamie’s car is manual and yesterday it brought tears to my eyes trying to use the clutch and gear handle as my left side is the weakest. The worst of it is I only have to travel about 500 yards. So I decided walking was the lesser of two evils and so me and Gloria (my stick - as in Gaynor, ‘I will survive’) plodded along at a slightly slower than my usually slow pace.

I must have looked a wreck when I arrived at work as I did get a lot of sympathy which I quickly brushed aside. I don’t like sympathy - it makes me cry! I’d rather have humour or a witty insult any day :-).

All I have to do now is get down the hill later in this heat after a 6 hour work day. I used to think that down hill was easier but now I’m not so sure, it seems to put more pressure on my knees. Wish me luck!

Tracey x

Way to go!!! Hope the homeward walk goes ok!!!

Kate x

There’s only one problem, now I need a poo! I’ve been constipated for days again and a little walk always does the trick. And I can’t do that at work - I have trouble enough peeing when there’s an audience


uh oh… know what you mean about an audience though!!! But if i i was that desperate i would have to!!!

kate x

Go for it T. Just make sure there is noone coming in as you are leaving the loo. Hehehe!!

Good luck with the walk back. (you could always invest in some roller skates for the next time. You would get down the hill no trouble then). Hehehe! Be thinking of you.

Seriously, take it steady.

Shazzie xx

Thanks Shazzie

I think I’ll give the roller skates a miss, my balance has always been so poor I never got the hang of them even in my teens. As I’m just a little older now cough cough I’m sure that would end in disaster ha ha!

As for the other matter, I have a desk matter so I’m sitting on it (not literally) for now. I think I can hang on for another half an hour and then I can go in peace at home. I don’t know why it bothers me - our loo at work has the wrong sign on it as some of the people that use it can hardly be termed ‘Ladies’ if you get my drift. They certainly don’t have my hang ups judging by the dreadful sounds and smells … To be fair it’s not all psychological with me - everything below the waist needs a bit more thought and the slightest disruption makes me lose concentration even when I am desperate. It’s very annoying to have a bladder or bowel that is fit to burst but it still won’t perform because the Ladies’ is too busy!! At least I can discuss it here - there’s nowhere else I feel comfortable having this conversation except with my nurse.

Tracey x

Oops that should read ‘I have a desk job’. It’s nearly the holidays and my brain clearly needs one …

I must admit Tracey I am the same. I hate to go anywhere else but home. I also remember at work last year it was not only the smells and sounds but most of IT seemed to have been left behind. If you get my drift. Vile. Sorry if this is too graphic for anyone but I expect we have all witnessed this to some degree.

Yes. Thinking about it Tracey, I would wait til you get home. You will probably get home even faster then.


Oooohhh yeah, I know just what you mean. The joys of the workplace loo.

My office is near a little garden and I keep thinking that my own portaloo outside would be preferable …

Yes, I am sure I will walk a little quicker although the urgency may make my gait a little more unusual :wink:

Tracey x

Well the walk home went well. Actually my leg hurt less from walking than it did from driving a manual car. I’m going to avoid doing that for a while again if at all possible. It was my choice to have an automatic but it looks like that isn’t much of a choice now.

I’m glad I waited until I got home before I went to the toilet. I nearly blocked my modern loo, the ones at work are old plumbing and are forever getting blocked. How bad would that have been …? How can one little body hold on to sooo much?

Tracey x

Well done!! xx

Well done!! xx

Well done Tracey :slight_smile: fab news … The walking and I suppose the toilet habit news as well :wink: xx

Thank you, and I’m sorry about the excessive toilet information!! This is the only place I can share such confidences :frowning:

Tracey x

Well done that’s great achievement. I totally understand the audience. I can be bursting and as soon as I hear any noise my body just stops.

Haha. It made me laugh xxx

Thank you! I was beginning to think I was weird. Ah well, I never wanted to be normal … I guess there’s no chance of that now anyway ha ha ha

Tracey x

Ha ha Tracey, just read through this thread and it’s had me chucking! Never had you down as a shy lady!! Lol Really good that you managed the walk well though. Same again today? It will keep you regular! Laura x

Chuckling not chucking! Also AGAIN didn’t mean to go anon, think the heat is messing up my fingers :-/ x

Hi all! I am new to the forum, so I need to practice first haha xx