Seamus,Angus & I have hit the road-not literally!!

Did it- been out for a lovely walk/ride with Seamus and Angus, met a lovely neighbour, who beamed at me and said how brilliant it was to see me out and about!!. and met a friend who just greeted me and had a chat- no mention of Angus- which was great. cant believe how tired i am- i thought i would come back full of life having not walked but-flipping nora im pooped.

thank goodness i didnt try and walk it id still be out there on my knees

so proud of Seamus he walked beside me beautifully- id already taught him ‘in’ when a car comes as we have no pavements and he remembered- even though its been ages since we walked in the real world (not fields) and popped him self on the verge each time i asked and waited- didnt even flinch when i had to menover in a bit. absolutely chuffed to bits-

got to say this has been the best day ever, woke up to no work preasurre, caught up with the house work, made some bits and pieces for a craft fair tomorrow , walked seamus and now wait for my lovely kids to get home. Dont get much better than this my lovelies

apart from- im singing a solo with the choir on sunday in plymouth drake circus shopping centre!!.

Have a great weekend all


So very very pleased for you and have you got the brilliant sunshine aswell???

In fact I was thinking earlier, so far in the last few weeks…in order to truely empathise with the good folk on here…we have had celebratory cake,moral support wine, and I seem to remember we had bowel movements followed by sex and finished off with a G&T.

So how BC would you like us to mark such a momentus occasion???

Happy days Pip

Aww BC, that’s brilliant news - the first few outings are mentally tiring because you’re concentrating on things so much, but once you get used to it, it’s not so bad. Have fun with everything,

Luisa x

Cheers loves-

Pip I should like to celebrate with steak and chips at the pub for everyone & a drink behind the bar for all, ill book the table for 7.30


So glad you had such a great day BC. Teresa xx

Could the fatigue be anything to do with ALL the other things you had done before your ‘joyride’? Seems like a pretty full day to me - I only manage a 10 minute stint and then 30 mins rest, that lot would have taken me a week!

Good for you - best wishes Ann