Returning to work

Returned to work yesterday - I can’t drive yet but can work from home.

Finding it hard, and feeling unsupported by my employers (partly because my boss in holiday this week which is poor timing). Leaping back in at 100% is clearly not going to work. Colleagues at least understanding but I feel a bit overwhelmed! :frowning: Almost in tears over the phone earlier talking to a colleague/friend who has also in the past had to take longish term sick leave and who just “gets” how I’m feeling.

Off to the GP later to see about a phased return sick note thingy, I know it’ll be alright but feeling vulnerable and fragile and sorry for myself. :frowning: Think I just need a moan really! Glad I am at home so can take a break to spread my self-pity over you lot…

Hi Angela,

Think we all need support. That’s why this site is so good.

If colleagues are supportive that’s great. I keep on working to give me a purpose. to get up in the morning.

Phased return is a great idea, hope your Dr can sort you out.

Jen xx

Thanks, I just needed to vent I think. Got my big-girl pants back on now :slight_smile:

Hope you’re feeling better today Angela - returning to work is hard and I can work from home to. I insist on phased return otherwise as you’ve said you’re back and firing on all cylinders which certainly for me isn’t a true reflection. Don’t be so hard on yourself x p.s I file most things sent my way under spam or non bloody urgent x

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Thank you, I’m sort aware that I expect too much of myself!

I’m only going to do a couple of hours today… Limit the overwhelm and then try to leave the house for some fresh air and medicinal sunshine after lunch! I always underestimate how easily I will tire out… must get better at realism lol